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Sydney, Australia

With its iconic Bridge and Opera house, Sydney has come to represent Australia as a whole in the same way that Paris represents France or New York represents the United States. The city of Sydney is so emblematic for Australian tourism that many people mistake Sydney for the country's capital....  Read more »

Pingdingshan, China

Pingdingshan is a beautiful city located in eastern China, also called the Eagle City. Pingdingshan travel guide presents a few basic features of this industrial Chinese city.Pingdingshan, Travel guide – Geography Pingdingshan is located in an area with a monotone topography contrasting with the tall Funiu Mountains in the west to the low Huanghuai plains in the east....  Read more »

Kumasi, Ghana

One of the most beautiful cities in Ghana, Kumasi, enchants travelers with its numerous green areas and bustling city life. Kumasi travel guide will introduce you to the colorful life of Kumasi.Kumasi, travel guide– Geography ...  Read more »

Linyi, China

Linyi is located in south eastern China sheltered by the shores of the Yellow Sea in the east and the high peaks of the Mengshan Mountains in the south. Linyi travel guide makes a short presentation of this ancient Chinese city and its main attractions.Linyi, Travel guide – Geography ...  Read more »

Luoyang, China

Luoyang is a captivating city located in western China, a place full of history and beautiful traditions. Luoyang travel guide captures the main aspects of Luoyang and its surroundings.Luoyang, Travel guide – Geography ...  Read more »


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