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Romania Travel Guide
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Romania Travel Guide

Romania travel guide

When we say Romania, we are thinking of Dracula, the legendary myth, which has spread all over the world, but let’s not forget that it is nothing but a vampire story, very common in the Balkan peoples’ folklore tales.

Situated in Eastern Europe, Romania is a great opportunity for all tourists to spend their holiday, as it is a mystical land where all the splendors of unwritten fairytales come to life so that you shall never forget it.

Rich in traditions and customs preserved along the centuries, Romania offers the chance of a unique discovery for those interested in meeting great, hospitable people.

Romania – Reasons to visit

A good reason to choose Romania as your holiday destination is that it is not a very expensive country and many cheap deals can be easily found everywhere. Both mountain resorts such as Predeal, Sinaia, Vatra Dornei or seaside resorts such as Mamaia, Costinesti Youth Camp, Eforie and cities such as Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj, Timisoara provide good accommodation in luxury hotels, pensions or villas all year round. Booking in advance is recommendable especially in high season. Good accommodation can be also found in rural areas as the agricultural tourism has been largely developed lately, where rustic but modern guesthouses are ideal for a relaxing and refreshing holiday.

Romania- When and what to visit

Romania can be visited all year round but the best time would be during the summer when all the seaside resorts by the Black Sea are widely open to tourists from all over the world providing the best facilities you could imagine.

Mamaia resort, the pearl of the Romanian seaside resorts, is a seaside resort situated not far from Constanta and has a long, sandy beach. Sunbathing is recommended from the middle of May till late in September. Sea water is warmer in autumn. The cool sea breeze is refreshing and pleasant.

Mamaia offers good accommodation in luxury hotels such as Admiral Hotel, Bavaria Blu Hotel, Comandor Hotel, etc. or cheaper ones such as Piccadilly Hotel, Riviera Hotel etc, but booking should be well done in advance as during the season there might be a chance to find no vacancy.

Having arrived in Mamaia you should visit The Holiday Village which houses 31 traditional Romanian restaurants, decorated in rustic style, according to the region each one is representative for. Traditional food and drinks can be consumed here. Forced meat rolled in soured cabbage leaves, mashed corn and fresh cream, meat balls and “frigarui” are the specific Romanian traditional food. Any meal goes with a glass of red or white old wine or refreshing “tsuica”, a strong drink served mostly in Transylvania.

Aqua Magic is the most modern aquatic leisure park in Romania. Lots of pools both for adults and children, fast food taverns, waterfalls, souvenir boutiques and other entertainments can be found here.

Mamaia Song Contest is held into the Summer Theatre every year. It is the most important national song contest in Romania.

Romania in winter

Visiting Romania at wintertime is also welcomed. Because of its position, Romania has a temperate and continental climate. Winters are supposed to be mild and snowy, colder in the north due to the height of the Carpathians.

Mountain resorts such as Predeal, Busteni, Sinaia, Vatra Dornei, Semenic, Arieseni, are ready any time to host their guests both in summer and winter.

The Prahova Valley is the main touristy axis in Romania. Sinaia, Predeal, Busteni, Poiana Brasov are the main mountain resorts in the valley.

Sinaia, also named ”The Pearl of the Carpathians”, is situated at an altitude of 860 m, at the foot of the Bucegi Mountains, all covered with pine forests. It is a good choice both for winter and summer holidays as the resort offers modern facilities either for ski, bob-sleigh, sleigh at wintertime or for summer sports like fishing, hiking, climbing, tennis, even swimming.

Romania at Christmas

Rich in Christian winter holiday customs and traditions, Bucovina is worth to be visited at Christmas time by anyone who is fond of discovering a fabulous world. This is the place where all traditional customs has been perfectly preserved for centuries. They last from Christmas to Epiphany and everyone from abroad visiting Bucovina during this time will be delighted by the abundance of beliefs and customs.

Being an Orthodox country, another perfect time to visit Romania is at Easter time. People go to churches and monasteries at midnight on Easter Eve to take part in breathtaking and emotional religious habits and customs to get the holly light, and the streets fill up with people on their way home. The atmosphere is very touching as happiness can be read in everyone’s eyes.

All these must be good enough reasons to visit the country and every reader is convinced that Romania must be on the list of places to spend this year’s holiday.


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