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Europe's map Are you a culture-traveler? Nature-lover? Fancy visiting some landmarks? Into art? Whatever rocks your boat, Europe will well deliver as a touristic destination. For this reason, we decided to write up a short Europe travel guide, in the very probable case that you're planning a trip to some European country sometimes in the future.

Although Europe is one of the smallest continents in terms of size and population, it continues to represent the number one travel destinations on the globe. Millions and millions of tourists travel to Europe each year, in search for its world class resorts, architectural wonders and historic monuments. Countries like France, Italy, Spain or Great Britain have always known how to re-invent themselves and hold their position on the top of tourist's preferences.

Although the Western culture hasn't yet been surpassed or labeled as ‘old', it's obvious that history and art are not the only effects the keep attracting tourists. Europe has its share of landmarks (Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London, the Coliseum in Rome or the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin are just a few examples), but it was also blessed with an equal number of natural wonders. Some people would do anything just to get the chance to admire the Norwegian fiords, relax on some Mediterranean beach or spend an unforgettable winter vacation in the Swiss Alps.

Another big advantage with traveling to Europe is its accessibility. Transportation to Europe and within Europe is becoming faster and cheaper with each year. There are numerous low cost airlines and comfortable express couches connecting Europe's major cities. The existence of a common currency within the European Union and the creation of the Schengen Zone (within which you can travel freely if you have a Schengen visa) has made Europe more tourist-friendly than ever.

We hope you enjoyed this European travel guide and found it informative enough for you to make a decision as of whether it's worth visiting or not. And if you answered positive to this question, we have some great offers for your, ranging from European vacation packages, car rental deals and, our specialty, cheap airfares.

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