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Cyprus Travel Guide
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Cyprus Travel Guide

Cyprus-Travel guide

The island in the Western part of the Mediterranean Sea is formed actually by two states, although the one to the North is recognized only by the Turks. Thus the land is divided between the Greeks and the Turks, both languages being spoken in the region. The religions are Orthodox Christianity and Muslim. The Greek part is included in the European Union, also adopting the Euro, which makes it easier for a tourist. The other side of the island kept the Turkish Lira (pound). The territory includes two mountain ranges with a plain in the center. To the North East there is the Karpas Peninsula, with mountains reaching 959 meters in their highest point. To the South, there is the Troodos Peninsula, including Mount Olympus. With a height of 1951 meters, it is the most high and impressive mountain of the country.

Cyprus -Realm of Legend

It is said that on the white stones of Petra tou Romiou, Aphrodite was born from the sea. She is not the only important goddess claiming Cyprus as her birth place, Adonis too, and also King Cinyras, Teucer and Pygmalion. Ancient time’s spirit is to be felt also by visiting the archeological sites of Paphos and Choirokoitia. Old churches can also be admired, like for instance the ruins of the 4th century Khrissopolitissa, one of the first built on the island.

Cyprus –Capital

The capital of the island is Nicosia. It is situated on Pedios River. Like the territory, the capital is also divided (the only one in the world like this). To the North it is Turkish, to the South, Greek and in between there is an unmilitary zone, kept like this by UN Organistion. It is mainly a commercial city, a place to buy textiles, leather, ceramics. Close by are the copper mines.

Cyprus –Economy

The country’s main income producing activities are tourism and agriculture. The outstanding fruit are grapes, also under the form of the renowned wines of Troodos, citrics and carobs. There are also olive tree plantations.The animals inhabiting the island are mainly sheep. Industry is not very developed, but crafts, including lace and wood work are flourishing.

Cyprus -Pieces of advice for visiting

The island is sunny, except for three or four months during winter, when it’s a bit cold and it’s raining. Summer is really hot, although at the seaside, with the help of the breeze and following the Greek style of staying at home at noon and late in the evening, you might enjoy a pleasant holiday, without sunburns. You may go in May or in September for a milder climate. If you want to drive, take care, they have the British habit, with the steering wheel on the right!

Accomodation is not easily found during summer, although there are plenty of hotels, bed and breakfast etc, so book in advance. Regarding talking, do not worry, the great majority speaks English and they are friendly with the tourists.


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