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Q:What is Travelgrove all about?A:Travelgrove is your search engine site that allows you to find the cheapest travel products on the Internet:

We don't sell anything, but we allow you to compare all of the fares offered by major travel merchants and airlines. Our system allows you to enter your search criteria once and we then show you what the merchants have to offer. This way you don't go to each merchant's website anymore, but you can find it all here.

Our ultimateSEARCH tool is also helping us to further increase transparency. We scan several large merchants at once and show you the sorted results on one page. Now that's convenient!
Q:What is ultimateSEARCH?A:If you are out looking for the cheapest airfares, you will like this tool. By selecting ultimateSEARCH you select to use our latest travel meta search technology, that shows you all different merchants' search results on one page. Travelgrove is one of the first of its kind and we are looking to build this tool and spread it across all markets. You will soon see our ultimateSEARCH technology implemented on other large consumer websites that are looking to add value to their customers.

UltimateSEARCH technology is a conglomerate of scripts that essentially perform live searches on our merchants, every time you search. The results are being sorted immediately and prepared for a simple presentation of the results. Once you have completed a search, you can easily select the "details" button and you'll be taken directly to the merchant's result page, where we just found the price. All of the booking will happen directly on the merchants' pages and NOT on Travelgrove!
Q:How do I search for a ticket, a hotel room, a vacation, a car rental, or a cruise?A:Searching on Travelgrove is not any different from searching on any of your other favorite sites. Simply enter your search criteria and hit search. For your destination or departure city you should always enter the city name and then select the state name. Also if you are booking a hotel in a city that has an airport, you can also enter the airport name if you know it. Using airport names is always the safest way to get accurate results. Please note that some merchants do no support certain criteria. For instance "Star Rating" may not be supported by all merchants in the hotel
Q:How do I buy the cheapest ticket?A:There is no price guarantee on Travelgrove. However, the likeliness of you buying the cheapest ticket in the market is high, as we have some very cheap merchants listed. Also, you increase your chance by a lot if you just try a few different dates. Also some merchants may allow price bidding. We currently do not link directly to eahc merchant's bidding tool, but you can go to their result pages and check it out. This often gives you another
Q:Is it safe to buy tickets online?A:Travelgrove cannot guarantee for the safety requirements on other websites. However, all merchants we have listed use secure systems and have been around for several years. If you have any concerns about their security systems, please visit their sites. All of them publish their security system
Q:Who do I contact with booking related questions?A:Travelgrove does not sell tickets. We are a shopping comparison tool that users can use in order to find the best prices on airfares, hotels, car rentals, vacations, and cruises. We are only referring you to the best possible merchants to satisfy your travel needs.Please always make sure to contact the merchant you were trying to book with instead of contacting Travelgrove. We will not be able to assist you with any booking related
Q:I liked a specific deal I found through your system, can I email it to myself or to a friend?A:We have an embedded email system that will allow you to send any search result to yourself or a friend. The prices in the email are current pricing system and may not be available at a later time. In order to email the search results to yourself, simply hit the little envelope next to the deal you want to forward. You will be able to enter all necessary data so the email can be sent. We require your name, so that your friend knows whom it's coming
Q:What's the difference between ultimateSEARCH and regular search?A:The regular search is for people who want much more detailed search results as well the ability to search several merchants separately. While ultimateSEARCH compares most of these merchants at once, the "regular search" will ask you to select the merchant you want to choose separately after the search. Just like with our "ultimateSEARCH" the system is convenient and doesn't ask you to ever re-enter the data again. Try both and see which one you like to work
Q:I'd like to ask fellow travelers a question, ... how and where?A:Sinply visit our forum. It's quite new and we have been working on getting it ready and comfortable for you. You will first need to register for an account and then you simply log in and choose the forums you want to post in. Posting is fun and our growing online community will be happy to and excited to answer some of your questions.

To visit the forum click here.
Q:How can I send some feedback to Travelgrove?A:Simply click on the feedback link on each page. You can also click
Q:My search has returned no fares, why?A:A common error is date selection, always make sure the dates you selected were correct. Secondly, many times people will enter a wrong city name and that will cause the merchants not to know what specifically you are looking for. If your city has a common city name, you may want to use an airport code to make sure you get good results.

Also If you are looking for international flights and your departure city is not in the USA, then some merchants may not get results for you. We will be building a fully working international version of our tool so that any city connection will find the best prices for you.
Q:Are you running any specials or promotions?A:Yes we do have a travel deals section. It's located on the very right of our main menu. Also you can click here to visit it.

The travel deal section consists of travel deals posted by agents around the world. Paid advertising is also possible and will soon have a preferred rank within our system. This way advertised deals will be much more visible to our users.

While the travel deals section holds a main directory, with the most popular destinations, there are many other deals in the database that can be searched using our text search tool. Simply put in the destination you are looking for and chances are that there will be something just for you. The sections that we include are Hotels, Airfares, Car Rentals, Cruises, Vacations, Special Interest and also Tours and Bed and Breakfast (last two are only searchable using the text search currently).
Q:Where can I exchange links with Travelgrove?A:Simply go to our travel directory you can add links right there. Just click on the "Add Site" link in the small menu and then read the instructions carefully. We do not accept links to websites that aren't travel-related!top
Q:I run a travel agency. How do I post my travel deals on Travelgrove?A:You can go ahead and post your deals in our advertising section. You will first have to sign up right at our Admanager Login Page and you will soon be able to post your deals. Posting is free if you post a backlink on your site. Please note that non-advertised deals will soon appear below advertised deals. Advertising will be available based on CPC
Q:I want to advertise on one of your pages, who do I contact?A:Contact us by email at We have several solutions available for you, visit our advertising section for more
Q:Did not find the right answer to your question?A:Click here to ask directly from the administrators of Travelgrove!top
For more questions, please email and we will be happy to help out any further.

Last updated 10-04-2010
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