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Travelgrove is one of the first "Travel Search Engines" or "Aggregators". We are signing on large publisher sites that bring a very large targeted audience onto our landing pages, opening up the opportunity to create the highest targeted travel advertising campaigns. If you are looking to focus on a specific destination, a specific origin, specific dates of travel, or even on the number of people looking to purchase a specific travel product, we can set up your travel advetising campaign as targeted as you need it to be.

Several placements are available: Travel Search, Travel Deals, Travel Newsletter, Travel Themes, Full Page Ads

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  • 95% US & Canada based traffic
  • Flexible targeting
  • Millions of visitors per month
  • 400K newsletter subscribers
Every great ad campaign, needs to be something that is also beneficial for the user
General goals for your campaignCost efficient channels to market your servicesGain brand awarenessGain market share through an efficient distribution channelOur users also benefitMore ChoicesMore comparisonRevenue Generation+Positive Shopping Experience=The right mix to generate quality leads
What your advantage will be when running campaigns on Travelgrove
  • - We offer a wide range of advertising options, giving you as much flexibilty as needed.
  • - We take time with every customer to make sure that every campaign is effective and efficiently run.
  • - We automate where possible - We integrate XML feeds, deals databases, deals on live websites, Excel or other electroic files.
  • - We target by origin, IP address, and basically any search criteria.
  • - Our AdManager gives you full control over the campaigns you are running.
  • Whatever your advertising needs are, we will find the right solution for you, so you have less work and a more efficient campaign set up.
Some of our advertisers include:Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, Orbitz, Cheaptickets, Travelodge, Ramada,, US Airways,, etc.
Travel Search AdvertisingWe have two different searches. The "travel meta search" pulls in information from several sites and displays all results sorted on a single page. Our "Classic Search" allows users to separately search many sites from a single system. Search is the most effective placement which drives both volume and conversions.
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Travel Deals AdvertisingOur travel deals section is a cost efficient marketing tool to anyone who is looking to not only build their brand but also to convert. Placing your ads inside the travel deals section, will also give you a chance to display your deals on our main travel pages and more importantly on our search result landing pages. This placement allows for the highest level of targeting and gives you more control over your cost.
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Travel Newsletter AdvertsingFor maximum exposure we can offer exclusive newsletter mailings to increase your brand awareness. We only send exclusive newsletters once a week. A general deals newsletter goes out once a week as well and is filled with a selection of the best deals listed in our deals sections.
Click Here to learn more about travel newsletter advertising
Travel Themes AdvertisingOur Travel Theme Pages give you the opportunity to get a full exclusive page, displaying your deals for a specific category only. You get a branding opportunity with highly targeted traffic.
Click Here to learn more about travel themes advertising
Full Page Ads (Microsites)Full Page Ads have recently been introduced and are located within our deals section to allow individual hotels, resorts, tour operators to get more exposure. Full Page Ads allow you to enter a vast amount of information about your offering, almost acting as an external web site for you.
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For more information please contact:
Peter Suhayda, Bussiness Development peter(at)
Phone: 1.877.834.5825
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