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Who we are and what we are trying to achieve:

General introduction

Travelgrove has been established to put together a truly objective travel information site. We are a diverse group of people who enjoy traveling and understand the need of finding the best travel deals easily. At Travelgrove you will never be able to book your travel, but we'll make it very easy to find the places to book at. We believe that there is no single company out there that does everything well and no traveler is the same as the other, so offering a simple way to weed through all the travel offers and information out there is our goal.

Everything we do at Travelgrove is focused on the web user. Why? Because we believe that loyal customers are more valuable to our advertisers. We don't view advertising as an intrusive part of the page, but rather emphasize offers in a way that will add value to our users.

If you ever have questions, feel free to contact us via our contact form, we try to help each and every one of you, so we can learn more about what all of you are missing or enjoying. Our site is growing constantly, but below you can read about some of the services we currently offer.

Our vision

Travelgrove is committed to provide the best possible service to our end users, by allowing them to find the right type of deals from the right type of travel companies in the most convenient and fastest way. At the same time, we are out there to connect our travel partners with buyers by getting them more exposure, more traffic to their sites and ultimately many more conversions.

Services for consumers:

Travel Search Technology

Travelgrove offers consumers the ability to enter their search information only once and gives them the choice to select from all of their favorite websites to find their perfect travel deal. Travelgrove offers this search for air, hotels, car, cruises and vacation packages. In addition, we scour the web for great travel deals and post them on our site.


Travelgrove provides two travel newsletters, a bi-monthly "travel theme newsletter" where our team is giving you some travel ideas that are both seasonally interesting and affordable. Our "weekly deals newsletter" is a collection of hand-selected deals. We also offer a semi-automated service where you can define your home airport or favorite destinations to get customized travel deals.

Travel Guides & Travel Tips

Travelgrove offers travel tips that are added and shared by our community members; we also offer a large amount of travel guide content that is freely accessible to anyone. Our guides cover topics like sightseeing, nightlife, a general overview and history.

Travel Community

Our travel community allows our users to share their travel experiences and connect to other travelers. While users can create travel journals, write destination reviews, travel tips or add travel pics, the real goal behind the community is to connect travelers. Building your travel network is essential when it comes to planning an unforgettable vacation. Memebers can see which of their friends know about a particular destination or have been there before and can quickly ask them for the right advice that is tailored to them and not to some average traveler.

Services for our partners:

Travelgrove is dedicated to providing everyone in the travel industry with the opportunity to showcase their preferred top deals and/or travel products. We are committed to working with all of our travel partners to ensure good ROI for all of their campaigns with us.

Travelgrove runs a travel site network including owned and operated sites as well as affiliate sites that can drive a good amount of targeted traffic to you. Because our site is objective, we list results by competitiveness and there will never be a way around there. However, we do offer several advertising opportunities that allow you to present your travel products to our users. Please read about details on our travel advertising page.

A few sites that we operate are:


Coming soon -,,

Our team

Since being founded and bootstrapped in 2004, we have grown into a solid travel search company with offices in the US, Germany, and Romania. We believe that our team is exceptional and works extremely hard to give you a great experience on our site. We try to be on the forefront of technology and the travel market which requires constant innovation. Finally, we embrace competition as it shows us areas of improvements and inspires us to achieve more.

Our Technology

We work with many of the well known technologies out there, embracing and leveraging open source. Our search is mainly powered by a combination of PERL, PHP, and MySQL, while on the front-end we use HTML, Javascript and a lot of innovative AJAX code. Being innovative, means that occasionally bugs do occur and nobody is immune to those. Please do take the time to use our feedback form to report them, so we can quickly take care of them.

We have recently been reviewed by Five Star Reviews Magazine, please take a look at what they had to say about us!
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