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Placing travel deals on Travelgrove will give you flexibility and targeting. We will allow you to define the specific country, city, type of category (air, hotel, car etc.) as well as the themes your deal should be running in.
A deal placement can also be put into our weekly newsletter and our featured deal sections on all main pages and search landing pages.

If you have several different deal placements, you can choose to also build a travel theme for them (Ski Deals, Budget Deals, Casino, Beach Vacations etc.). You pick the topic and we will configure our system so those deals will be seen on theme pages. Placements are CPC (cost per click) based and like on Google, their rank will depend on CPC. Featured listings require high CPCs while standard listings start as low as 15c CPC.

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  • 95% US & Canada based traffic
  • Flexible targeting
  • Millions of visitors per month
  • 400K newsletter subscribers
For Advertisers who ...
  • ... want to show their strenght
  • ... gain additional reach
  • ... introduce or strengthen their brand

Rates:For airfares, rates start at 20c, all other products start at 25c
We sort deals based on CPCs, this means that higher you want to show up, thei higher your CPC will need to be.

Also: Deals also show up inside our newsletter if placements are available.
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Note: There are many ways we can retrieve deals from our clients. The more information we get about a deal the better. All electronic files are ok, including databases, Excel, text files etc.
Some of clients are able to send deals via XML feed and others simply tell us to scrape their sites (Scraping means we write a program that goes to a specific page once a week to extract the deals from your site).
For more information please contact:
Peter Suhayda, Bussiness Development peter(at)
Phone: 1.877.834.5825
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