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Travel Themes and Destination Advertising

Travel theme & destination pages are really an extended use of the deals posted inside our travel deals section. You can choose this option only by talking to us directly.
While deals are simply sorted objectively, a theme can be purchased at a straight cost per click. No other advertiser will be placed within the theme, so it is an exclusive placement. The nice thing about this placement and the core difference is really the exclusivity as well as the customization options.
Besides the deals, you may want to have additional media on this page, whether it is flash, images, text, or anything else, you decide and we will program the back end for you. Theme pages are located on all main pages and are a perfect branding and promotional tool. Pricing depends on your needs, please contact us for details.

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  • 95% US & Canada based traffic
  • Flexible targeting
  • Millions of visitors per month
  • 400K newsletter subscribers
For Advertisers who ...
  • ... want to show their specialty products
  • ... gain additional reach on multiple platforms
  • ... introduce or strengthen their brand or services

Rates:For airfares, rates start at 30c, all other products start at 35c

Also: Deals also show up inside our newsletter if placements are available as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Note: Theme pages work best for seasonal offerings as they tend to get more traffic. All media has to integrate into our page, so the users feel that this is part of our page. Besides this, you have full control and your only boundries are your imagination.
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For more information please contact:
Peter Suhayda, Bussiness Development peter(at)
Phone: 1.877.834.5825
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