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Classic Search Advertising (

With our "Classic Search" we drive the highest amount of quality traffic to our advertisers. The system is simple, yet efficient. The user searches and we present the user with the companies that provide service for the particular search.
You will be listed as one of the providers. Once the user clicks on the search button, we send the user directly to your landing page.

Placements are sorted by bids, which means that whoever bids more ends up higher on the result pages.

All placements are based on a pay-per-click model.

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  • 95% US & Canada based traffic
  • Flexible targeting
  • Millions of visitors per month
  • 400K newsletter subscribers
Geadred towards advertisers that ...
  • ... are brand focused
  • ... want to get a lot of traffic
  • ... how many good features on their own sites that will differentiate them others

Rates:Starting at 15c CPC for airfares and 25c for other products

Note: This is a bidding engine, the higher the CPCs the higher the position on the page
classic search
Note: Travelgrove can target to any destination or city pair. For more targeting options call our support line at 877.834.5825
Travel Meta Search AdvertisingOur travel meta search or aggregator model is our most innovative piece of technology. The user can run a search and we will search different sites simulateously for him/her. After clicking on a result, the user is taken directly to the provider's booking page, so that the chances for a conversion are the highest. This type of placement needs a lot of custom work on our end, but will be worth it, should you choose to be included.
Geared towards advertisers that ...
  • ... want to target very specific routes
  • ... are very competitive
  • ... are more ROI focused

Rates:Starting at 25c CPC for airfares and slightly higher for our other products

Note: Imprlementation times can vary based on your technical specs as well as our own project schedule.
meta search
Premium ButtonsThe top 5 bidders on our classic search also appear on the top row of our meta search engine. We call these search buttons "premium buttons". Besides these, we also showcase these top advertisers on our front page as "check-box" comparison buttons.
Premium Buttons:premium buttons

Check-Box Comparison Buttons:check-box buttons
For more information please contact:
Peter Suhayda, Bussiness Development peter(at)
Phone: 1.877.834.5825
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