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Luxembourg Travel Guide
Luxembourg Travel Guide
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Luxembourg Travel Guide

It is best known for bank institutions, for its people having the largest income in the world and not for being an enchanting holiday spot. Wide forests, good roads, adorned houses and landscapes full of green hills will make a car journey through the country a real celebration. The country is renowned for vineyards and wine cellars. Besides wine tasting, a visit to such a place will give you the opportunity to buy a few souvenirs for home. One of the most beautiful regions is Mosella Valley, a river crossing the country and offering the pleasure of sailing on luxury boats. It is recommended as well for the Butterfly Garden, a place hosting exotic species at a constant temperature of 28 degrees Celsius and a small zoo, named “Parc Merveilleux”, offering many delights to children.

Luxembourg Economy

The country is a high quality steel producer. One of the symbols of this industry is Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge. The chemical sector is well represented: plastics, rubber, oil. There are also factories for food processing, ceramics, means of transportation. Still two thirds of the gross domestic product comes from bank and insurance activities.

Luxembourg The capital of the country is the city with the same name: Luxembourg. Take a stroll on Corniche Road to have a superb panoramic view of the narrow pebbled streets. There is a train for tourists to offer you a full perspective on the city. For satisfying any gourmet tastes, the city is home to the largest number of restaurants with more Michelin stars than any other capital in Europe. In the pedestrian city center, there is the main commercial street, where you can find local and world famous brands. Museums and castles are present as well for those looking for the antique side of the city.

Luxembourg Relaxing

To get away of stress, a visit to the Mandorf thermal estate is recommended. It is the largest and up to date SPA complex of Europe. You may choose to swim in a pool with water reaching 36 degrees Celsius, or in a cooler one at 28, to join the fitness classes or simply take a walk on the 40 hectares park of the complex. It is better to book in advance beauty and relaxing treatments. It is also the right place to gamble, and for this you can go to Casino 2000.

Luxembourg When and why to visit

Luxembourg has typical rainfalls of Northern Europe. To the north, the hills offer a less inhabited zone, full of forests, with low temperature and large day /night variations. To the south, the temperature is milder, but still offering a cool summer to those wanting to get rid of torrid days. The official language is French. As the local dialect of Luxembourg is close to Dutch and German, its inhabitants find it easy to learn English and other languages as well, so getting along won’t be a problem for a tourist.


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