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Andorra Travel Guide
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Andorra Travel Guide

Andorra is one of the tiniest European countries, a state which, despite its many external influences, has managed to build for itself a strong sense of identity. Andorran culture has many elements borrowed for its larger and more influential neighbors, but it has aggregated into a unified whole that has no equal on the continent. Andorra has never been known for being one of the great European powers, despite its strategic position, nestled between Spain and France. If anything can be said about Andorra’s role in politics, is that it has been coveted by many countries. Although throughout history, Andorra has been relatively isolated from the other countries on the continent, it has a rich past of its own. Nowadays, Andorra is a prosperous micro-state that draws most of its revenues from its tax-haven status and tourism, but also from the finer industries such as cigar and furniture making.

Andorra is a perfect holiday destination for tourists who enjoy winter sports, or who simply want to spend some quiet time in a beautiful setting. This Andorra Travel Guide will give you some basic information about this charming country.

Andorra Travel Guide - Climate and Geography

Andorra covers about 460 square kilometers of the eastern Pyrenees. The state consists of mountain peaks crossed by three deep valleys that converge into a ‘Y’ shape. Andorra has a temperate climate, but due to its high altitudes the weather can be chillier than in other parts of the continent. Summers in Andorra are cool but pleasant, and they are a great time for visiting the countryside. Although Andorra is officially defined as a micro-state, it is more accurate to call it a city state, since there are no distinct cities to speak of. Andorra la Vella is Andorra’s capital, and besides this urban area there are several parishes that hide many quaint historical attractions. There are numerous summer and winter resorts in Andorra, some close to the inhabited areas, but some are more isolated and they are the perfect departure points for trekkers and hikes.

Andorra Travel Guide - Culture

The official language of Andorra is Catalan, but many of the inhabitants use French or Spanish as their native language. Using English will almost always guarantee you an answer, as Andorrans are used to the steady waves of tourists who come to their country. Although Andorra’s culture is not very well known on the continent, it is fascinating nonetheless. Two of the most famous writers in Catalonia, Michèle Gazier and Ramon Villeró, are natives of Andorra. Andorra’s Chamber Orchestra, however, can boast of international fame, and the country hosts an international singing contest initiated by Montserrat Caballé. The Escaldes-Engordany International Jazz festival is the single most important event in Andorra’s cultural life, and important figures on the jazz scene such as Miles Davis and B.B. King have taken part in the festival. Andorra is characterized by a many beautifully preserved medieval buildings. This Andorra Travel Guide recommends that you visit the small churches that pepper the state, and the old town of Andorra la Vella with its cobbled narrow streets is also a must-see.


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