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Gibraltar Travel Guide
Gibraltar Travel Guide
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Gibraltar Travel Guide

Gibraltar travel guide

With a surface of less than 7 Km2, Gibraltar is located on the Southern coast of Spain. The name Gibraltar comes from the Moorish leader Tarik who captured the straits in 711 and called it Jaab – al – Tarik, meaning The Mount of Tarik. If you want to visit more original places out of which you may get various experiences, then Gibraltar is the right place for you. You can easily rove through the country on foot. Gibraltar is almost entirely surrounded by water.

This stretch of land is a mixture of cultures belonging to different countries. Although it used to be a Spanish territory, Gibraltar is Great Britain’s colony. One can easily see Africa only if lying in the sun on the beach. Gibraltar, also known as The Rock and has its own government; therefore its inhabitants are not and cannot be called Spanish. You can call them English, but don’t expect to be warmly greeted if you should call them Spanish.

Gibraltar travel guide- Flora and fauna

The Gibraltar candytuft is the symbol of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve and together with the rest of 500 species of flowering plants embellishes and makes Gibraltar attractive to visitors. The Rock is also the only place in Europe where one can see wild monkeys, called Barbary Macaques. Winston Churchill is thought to have said that The British will leave Gibraltar when these apes become extinct.

Gibraltar travel guide-The Climate

Due to the fact that Gibraltar is close to Spain, its summers are warm and its winters are mild. The climate is Mediterranean. There are two winds, one of them is called Levante and brings humid weather and it makes the sea warmer; the other one is known as Poninte and it has the opposite effects of Levante.

Gibraltar travel guide-The Capital

Gibraltar is the capital and it is also the country’s largest city. It has various interesting visiting sites.

Saint Michael’s Cave is a fabulous grotto which is thought to have been the entrance to Hades - the underworld in ancient Greek times. It often houses many concerts due to its great acoustics. The tour of the country can be done by car and it costs about 16£. The ride takes about an hour and a half and the price includes the entrance tickets to all objectives.

The Upper Rock Nature Reserve is thought to be one of the main attractions. Here, one can see numerous rare plant species that are unknown elsewhere in the world. There are 311 species of birds, among which the Barbary Partridge and Buzzards are the rarest.

The Main Street offers tourists everything from antiques to restaurants. Means of transportation can’t get through here as the street is only for pedestrains.

Many people who want to know more about the Moorish influences visit Ibrahim – al Ibrahim Mosque, which was a present from King Fah al - Saud to the people of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar travel guide-Resorts

There are seven hotels in Gibraltar. The Rock Hotel is the most luxurious one, having a sea view and the heights of Morocco’s Rif Mountains can be descried from here. The Caleta Hotel has outstanding views to the South of Spain and North Africa and Italian and European cuisine are no secret to its chefs. If the guests want to shop and visit the surroundings they are advised to accommodate in one of the elegant rooms of the Eliot Hotel, which is located in the core of the town.

Gibraltar travel guide-Transport

One can get to Gibraltar by plane, by car, by boat or by bus. The bus stops near the customs and after you pass the border you will find means of transport that take you right to the core of the straits. Gibraltar Airport is very close to the center and as the runway intersects Winston Churchill Avenue, the street that links the South to the North must be closed by movable barricades whenever a plane lands or departs.

Gibraltar travel guide-Cuisine

Gibraltarian cuisine is a mixture between English and Andalucían dishes. The foreigners who made Gibraltar their home brought their culinary traits with them. The national dish is called calentita and it is a kind of baked bread which consists of chickpea flower, water, salt and pepper.

The best restaurants and pubs are to be found on the main street and around the embankment. The Clipper, Corks, Sacarello’s Coffee Shop or Bianca’s are among the best restaurants where you can find delicious food and excellent serving.

Gibraltar travel guide-Useful Information

The currency is the Gibraltar pound and it is issued in banknotes. As Gibraltar is a colony Of Great Britain, the official language is English, but most locals also speak Spanish, due to the country’s proximity to Spain. The persons who want to make phone calls to Gibraltar should know that the country calling code is 350. No vaccine is compulsory.


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