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Belgium Travel Guide
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Belgium Travel Guide

Belgium, Travel Guide-Geography and Climate

The Kingdom of Belgium is a West-European country, one of the founding members of the EU, housing most of its institutions. The surface of this country is relatively small, only 32.545 sq km, and the total population is of over 10 million. As it is well known, the country’s capital is Brussels.

Belgium is divided into three major geographical areas, the first one with altitudes lower than 100 meters, the second one with low altitudes situated between 100-200 meters, and the highest region of Belgium, the Ardennes uplands (200-500 meters). The climate of this modern kingdom is maritime temperate, with the annual average temperature of 11.2 °C. In the further sections of this travel guide, you will find more information about the wonderful land of Belgium.

Belgium, Travel Guide-Cuisine

The chocolate (annual average consumption per capita of 8.3 kg), the delicious pralines, and the well-known beer, in its rich diversity of over 600 varieties, certainly contribute positively to the perception of Belgium in the world.

Some regional dishes include Stoemp, made from vegetables and mash potatoes, most of the time served with sausages, Waterzooi (a rich soup with chicken or fish) and Paling in 't groen, an eel delicacy. Also, waffles are highly appreciated, as well as french-fries, which, contrary to popular beliefs, come from Belgium, and not from France.

Belgium, Travel Guide-Things to Do

The list of activities you can perform in Belgium is endless; it all depends on your passions and preferences. First of all, if you are into heavy metal, there is a yearly gathering, called the Graspop Metal meeting, being held in June, in the town of Dessel. If you want to be transported back in the 16th century, you shouldn`t miss Carnival de Binche, a celebration full of quality music, fireworks and a world famous orange fight. For the lovers of cycling, there is the 24 hour event in Louvain-La-Neuve. The cycling marathon is being held in October, and it is also a great opportunity to meet the famous Belgian beer. Another interesting option given to you in Belgium is to tour the national breweries in order to encounter your favorite varieties of beer and also, to discover new ones.

Belgium, Travel Guide-Cities

Although Belgium is not a large country, its few cities are more cultural and historical than imagined. Of course, the most important city is Brussels, the unofficial capital of the EU. It is a great place to get in touch with European history and also Belgian culture.

Antwerp is the second largest settlement in Belgium, with a unique display of medieval architecture. Liege is another famous Belgian city, where you have the opportunity to hike or relax in the nearby resorts. Also, Bruges is a must-visit. It is one of the most beautiful and historical cities in Europe. You shouldn`t miss the 14th century building present in this city.

Have a pleasant trip in Belgium using our travel guide!


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