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Slovenia Travel Guide
Slovenia Travel Guide
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Slovenia Travel Guide

Slovenia Travel Guide – Overview

The main target of this Slovenia Travel Guide is to make you experience a virtual foray into the amazing contrast of Slovene attractions as this small European country offers unbelievable opportunities for various activity holidays. In spite of its trifling size, Slovenia provides an abundance of attractions and the most diversified landscapes to rival any other country much larger. Slovenia is an amalgam of unique splendors starting with the spectacular ridges of the Julian Alps, continuing with the enjoyable spa resorts by the Adriatic Sea, and ending with the beautiful countryside while exploring its historical cities and lovely villages, and tasting the appetizing traditional cuisine and local wines.

Slovenia Travel Guide – Geography

Slovenia is located in Central Europe between the Alps, the Pannonia Plain and the Adriatic Sea, bordering Italy to the west, Austria to the north, Hungary to the east and Croatia to the south.

The largest part of Slovenia’s northern terrain is occupied by the Alps, including the Julian Alps, rich in charming landscapes and clear rivers, offering the greatest location for hiking, mountain biking, kayaking and white-water rafting. The Slovene Alps are also home of some various endemic flora and Alpine fauna.

Slovenia enjoys around 43 km of the Adriatic coastline from Italy to Croatia.

The Pannonia Plain stretches to the east and northeastern Slovenia, being characterized by flat fertile terrain.

Slovenia Travel Guide – Climate

The climate in Slovenia varies according to its diversified relief. Thus, the Adriatic coast enjoys the Mediterranean climate, with hot dry summers and average temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius, and mild winters, characterized by winds and dense rainfalls.

Towards the inland, the continental climate is mostly characteristic, with warm summers and cold winters, and heavy snowfalls in the Alps. The average temperatures vary between 5 degrees Celsius in January and February, and 23 degrees Celsius in the summer months.

Slovenia Travel Guide – The Slovene Mysterious Karst

The main goal of this Slovenia Travel Guide is to take you on a mysterious trip into the most beautiful place of the underground world of the Slovene Karst. It is said to be the most precious and unimaginable natural underground works on our planet. More than one thousand karsts caves and potholes are perfectly spread in the region, 20 of the most beautiful ones, with gorgeous limestone masterpieces, are open for tourists.

The most popular is the Postojna Cave, which enjoys the status of being the most visited cave on the European continent. It consists of a large network of passages, galleries and chambers which stretches for 20 kilometers. The journey to explore this marvelous underground world can be done by its famous cave train, which is also the attraction of the day. The abundance of calcite formations, stalactites and stalagmites, varying in shape and beautiful colors, amazingly dazzles each of the cave train passengers while experiencing this splendid underground world.

Some other frequented karst caves are the Skocjan Caves, Pivka and Crna jama Cave,

Vilenica or Krizna jama Cave.

Slovenia Travel Guide – Currency

The official currency in Slovenia is Euro, since 1 January 2007. Euro substituted the former currency, the Slovenian Tolar.

Credit cards are widely accepted almost everywhere, in large stores, hotels, restaurants and some other small shops as well. The Visa card will get you anywhere.

Slovenia Travel Guide – Cuisine and Wines

Slovenia is known as being a hospitable country, which always surprises its visitors with a variety of traditional culinary masterpieces, complemented by excellent Slovenian wines. Cabbage, potatoes and beans are the main ingredients of popular daily dishes, accompanied by various types of bread, specific to each region.

A wide range of flour-based specialties, such as prekmurska gibanica and potica, which is a baked cake roll abundantly filled with nuts, poppy seeds, cheese and various herbs and dried fruits, complete the local delicacies of Slovenian cuisine. Struklji is quite popular in Slovenia as well. Fish dishes are also served.

Top quality specialty wines, such as Renski Riesling, Traminec, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Ranina, represent the special delight of each meal.

Slovenia features the most various attractions and satisfies every taste of any fastidious visitor as it offers the most picturesque Alpine landscapes, the deepest river canyons and splendid waterfalls, greenish sub-alpine wine growing hills, the most impressive medieval castles and beautiful old monasteries, the coziest Adriatic resorts, and an indescribably underground world, all of which make it the perfect holiday destination for everyone.


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