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France Travel Guide
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France Travel Guide

France Travel: General Information

France is rated as one of the most admired holiday destinations in Europe. With cities like Paris and Lyon, you can expect a great holiday in the country. Serene beaches, picture perfect landscapes, lush green arenas along with luxurious hotels and resorts offering fantastic amenities will make your France travel a memorable affair.

France Travel: Statistics

Area: 674,843 sq Km

Population: 65,073,482 (As per January 2009 estimate)

Monetary Unit: Euro

Official Language: French

France Travel: Popular Tourist Destinations

  • Paris is one of the most romantic destinations in France. Apart from major attractions like the Eiffel tower and the Notre Dame, the real beauty of the city lies in its old coffee houses, aged avenues with old buildings and wandering along the calm River Seine. Do shop for some fantastic designer wear from this fashion paradise!
  • Cannes: Famous for the International Film Festival, the town has a glamour of its own. This town located in the picture perfect Cote d'Azur region is one of the most admired locations of France. The magnificent beaches, beautiful museums, and art galleries in Cannes are the major attractions for tourists all the year round.
  • Lyon: One of the busiest towns of France, perfect for those who want to have a great time partying all night. With outstanding pubs and nightclubs, the town is also known for its fabulous museums and art avenues.
  • Marseille: One of the largest and oldest cities of France, Marseille will impress you with its serene natural exquisiteness, sunny beaches and rich architectural legacy.
  • Nice: Stunning beaches, picturesque landscapes, great dining avenues, amazing museums and fabulous architectural heritage will keep you busy when in this leading town of France.
  • Lille: Lille is known to be the ‘European city of Culture’. Beautiful mansions, old streets, elderly town houses, designer boutiques, old French cafes and restaurants serving the very French taste are the major attractions of this old town of France.

France Travel: Economy and Infrastructure

France is one of the most powerful countries in Europe and stands very high in the list of industrialized nations. France came out victorious in both World Wars but it suffered great losses of wealth and manpower. However, it recovered quickly and moved ahead. Major industries backing the economy today are coal, iron and steel, gypsum, petroleum and gold.

France has a sound infrastructure with well connected network of rail, road and air transport. French railways has connections to other European countries along with major cities within the country. The extensive network of roads in the country not only handle domestic but also international traffic. With more than 475 airports, there are regular domestic and international flights available. France offers top class education and health facilities for its residents.

France Travel: Culture

French culture is known for its elegance. The rich culture of the country reflects in its cities, historical monuments, cuisine, music and language. France is home to people of various ethnic groups like Germans, Asians, Russians and North Americans apart from the French.

The people of France take pride in their cosmopolitan culture and the fashion industry is one of the biggest reasons for it.

Art is an important part of the culture and various renowned artists were born in France. It is also famous for its exotic wines and French cuisine is regarded as one of the most graceful and stylish cuisines of the world.


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