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Slovakia Travel Guide
Slovakia Travel Guide
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Slovakia Travel Guide

Slovakia Travel Guide

Slovakia is all about mountains. It is the first choice for skiers and climbers all over the world but also for anyone interested in spending a relaxing vacation away from the crowded cities.

Slovakia Travel Guide – Geography

Lots of tourists visit Slovakia every year especially for its famous ski resorts and for its historic towns. If you have the chance to spend your vacation here, you will get great accommodation, meet the hospitality of the locals and have access to a wide range of activities available in all tourist resorts.

Climate here is temperate with cool summers and cold, wet winters, temperatures decreasing with altitude. The coolest is in the mountainous northern region where due to altitude and climate there are perfect conditions for winter sports.

The roughest climate conditions are in the Tatras with their highest point in the Gerlachovský štít (2655m) and the simbol of the country, Mount Kriváň. Due to altitude and location the ski season lasts here until March, welcoming tourists from all over the world.

Throughout the time these lands were occupied by different empires and were a part of Czechoslovakia until 1993 when they became independent.

Slovakia Travel Guide – Flora and Fauna

The rich flora and fauna in protected here in nine National Parks and fourteen Protected Landscape Areas covering almost 23% from the national territory. The first National Park in Slovakia was the Tatrasky National Park and the most recent are the Velká Fatra National Park and Slovensky kras National Park, all visited by a great number of tourists every year.

Slovakia Travel Guide – Tips for Tourists

Slovakia is one of the most visited European countries offering a wide range of activities, landscapes, and great accommodation. Some of the most important tourist attractions here are the mountains with the winter sports, caves, mineral and hot springs, wonderful castles, modern cities with their museums and galleries.

If you decide to visit Slovakia you must know that there is no visa required for EU citizens, only a valid passport, but for more information you should contact an embassy. The national currency is the Slovak Koruna but euros are widely accepted and can be converted in any local bank.

Slovakia Travel Guide – Transport

There is a fairly good transport infrastructure in Slovakia allowing an easy transfer from one region to another. There is only one international airport here, the Bratislava Airport, and many local ones offering quick transfer throughout the country.

Train and bus transportation are commonly used for the low prices and flexibility, almost always running on time. There is also the option of traveling by car with the help of one of the many car rental companies.

Slovakia Travel Guide – Resorts

Almost all tourist attractions in Slovakia are located in the north of the country. Endless ski slopes, hot springs, intricate caves, lakes, wild rivers and medieval castles, all waiting to be discovered by you.

The ski resorts are all located in the mountainous northern region of the Carpathians especially in the Tatra Mountains. Jasná Low Tatras is the largest ski resort in Slovakia and Hotel Grand is the best place for quality accommodation. The resort is situated a about 1100m altitude at 200m distance from the ski lifts, offering a breathtaking landscape, well equipped rooms, spa center and international cuisine. Among the activities offered during summer are hiking, climbing, paragliding and more, in winter you can do all winter sports imaginable from the traditional skiing to snowboarding, cross country and freestyle skiing and many more.

A less expensive but just as comfortable option is the two stars Hotel Ski & Bungalow. Situated at 998m altitude in the Záhradky tourist resort, right next to a ski track equipped with a chair lift the hotel welcomes tourists in a kind of cottages with fireplace and all the modern facilities needed for a comfortable staying. The familiar atmosphere, cozy rooms and the numerous facilities will help you spend the perfect winter vacation. It is a fit destination for families, singles, seniors as well as young people.

Slovakia Travel Guide – Cuisine

Slovak cuisine is influenced by the Hungarian and the Austrian one and is different from region to region. Traditional dishes are based on pork, chicken meat, vegetables, diary products and local fruits for deserts. Some of the representative traditional dishes are the Bryndzove halushky which is potato dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon, Schnitzel, Lokše which is a potato pancake, Granadír which is pasta with potatoes and more.

The most popular drinks are the local beer and wine. Wine has a tradition here due to the presence of the southern vineyards, the white one being the most appreciated.

In one word, Slovakia is the perfect place to spend your winter vacation, to enjoy one of the many hot waters spa centers, to ski on one of the numerous ski tracks, visit some of their medieval castles, or simply relax near the fireplace on a cold snowy winter evening.


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