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Bosnia And Herzegowina Travel Guide

Bosnia And Herzegowina Travel Guide-About the Country

Bosnia and Herzegowina is a Balkan country situated in southeastern Europe; this territory was an initial part of Yugoslavia. Its neighbors are Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro and Sarajevo is the national capital, as well as the largest city in the nation.

Bosnia and Herzegowina has a total area of 51.000 square kilometers, but has almost no access to the sea, except for 26 kilometers of costal area, at the Adriatic Sea. An interesting fact about this nation is that it is formed by 3 major ethic groups: the Bosnians (40% of the total population of 4 million), the Serbs (31 %) and finally, the Croats, a minority counting 15 % of the total population. In the following paragraphs of the travel guide we will take a quick look at other important aspects concerning Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia And Herzegowina Travel Guide-Climate

The country has a temperate continental climate in the North and center and also the Mediterranean climate is found in the south. The temperature has significant fluctuations, with hot summers and cold winters. At high altitudes, the climate gets harsh, and winters can become quite unbearable, but in the southern region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the cold season is short, featuring precipitations in the form of rain. The annual rainfall is around 62 centimeters, and the average temperature per year is around 12-13 degrees Celsius.

Bosnia And Herzegowina Travel Guide-Cuisine

The Bosnian cuisine is a symmetrical mixture of Western European and culinary art originating from the west. Notable influences in Bosnian food come from Turkey, Greece, Italy and from Austria and Germany as well. It is very important to know that this national cuisine features healthy food, with lots of vegetables as primary ingredients and dishes being cooked using a lot of water. Pork is rarely consumed, as the majority of Bosnians are Muslim. Instead, beef and lamb are the default choice for meat.

Some of the traditional dishes include: Čevapi, the Bosnian version of the Turkish kebab, only this time with lamb and beef sausages, seasoned with onions, Gulaš, which is a main course made from meat and potatoes, the delicious Kačamak, made from cornmeal and again, potatoes and the Burek, a delicious pastry. Some delicious deserts that you should try are: Baklava, originating from Turkey, Jabukovaca and Sutlijaš, a pudding made of rice.

Bosnia And Herzegowina Travel Guide- Attractions

There are numerous attractions in Bosnia, but let`s have a look at the most popular of these. First of all, there are many quality spas in the wonderful Bosnian Mountains, that will help you relax and free your mind. Examples include Bjelasnica, Igman, Dobica, Jahorina, Laktasi and Srebrenica. If you love the sea, you should not miss the costal area, surrounding the city of Neum. For the sports passionate, there is the possibility for kayaking and rafting on the gorgeous Una River.

Also, you should not miss visiting the Fethija mosque, which dates from 13th century and is a great display of Islamic architecture. Also, for cityscape seeing, the town of Mostar is highly recommended, due to its medieval signature.

Have a great vacation in Bosnia and Herzegowina using the travel guide you`ve just read!


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