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Liechtenstein Travel Guide
Liechtenstein Travel Guide
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Liechtenstein Travel Guide

Liechtenstein is famous more for the quaint bits of information available about it than for its touristic potential. For example, Liechtenstein is the sixth smallest country in the world. It is also a monarchy, and its king lives in an impressive gothic castle. Add the country’s amazing natural beauty to this mix, and you have something resembling to a fairy-tale land. However, the people of Liechtenstein are very serious indeed, and not at all living a life of carefree frolicking like some story-book characters. Liechtenstein has some of the highest living standards in the world, and it is a world-renown producer of high-tech power tools, and surprisingly, dentures. For the discerning visitor, Liechtenstein will offer a wealth of entertainment possibilities: hiking, winter sports, and mountain-biking in the midst of the beautiful mountain scenery. This Liechtenstein Travel Guide will help you discover more about this wonderful little country.

Liechtenstein Travel Guide - Geography and Important Places

Nestled between Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is a landlocked country and a paradise for those who love mountainous regions. The country is traversed by the Rhine River, and most of the urban areas are concentrated there, but the rest of the land is made up of impressive rugged mountains covered by lush forest. Given the high altitude of most of the country’s geographical features, winters can be quite harsh in Liechtenstein, which is a blessing more than a curse since it makes it perfect for various winter sports. Summers are mildly cool, just the right temperature for hiking and treks in the forests. Cultural tourism is not at all neglected, since Liechtenstein’s charming towns hide veritable cultural treasures. The capital, Vaduz, can boast of an extensive shopping district, as well as some beautiful churches and a very interesting art museum. Schloss Vaduz, overlooking the city, is a gorgeous gothic building, and it is the official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein, and therefore sadly not opened to the public.

Liechtenstein Travel Guide - Culture

Liechtenstein is a German speaking country, and because of its small size and its rather powerful neighbors, its culture has more influences from Austria and Switzerland than original elements. Many of the nation’s historical sites are beautifully preserved, and most can be visited. You can visit medieval churches, castles and residences, and in addition to that there are several museums that have accumulated all of Liechtenstein’s cultural treasures. Music and dance play an important part in the cultural life of the people, and there are many festivals and events dedicated to these pursuits. Although the cuisine of Liechtenstein has many external influences, tasting some of the local dishes can become a highlight of your holiday.

This Liechtenstein Travel Guide recommends that you try the Knopfli, dumplings with cheese or bacon served in delicious soup, and for dessert have some folded pancakes with nuts, fruit and chocolate syrup.


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