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Ukraine Travel Guide
Ukraine Travel Guide
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Ukraine Travel Guide

Ukraine travel guide

If you choose to have a vacation in a different place than the classic holiday destinations, Ukraine is a good option due to the many types of landscapes and experiences it offers.

Ukraine travel guide – Geography

Located in the south-eastern part of Europe, with borders to seven different countries and access to the Black Sea shore, Ukraine is a perfect destination for everyone.

The country has a temperate climate with cold winters and hot, dry summers sometimes with characteristic thunder storms. Its climate along with the various landscapes is the main ingredient of a great holiday destination.

The geography of this territory is diverse, from the Crimean Mountains in the far south, the Carpathian Mountains from the west side of the country, with the highest peak (Hoverla 2061m), inland central fertile steppes, and the southern Black Sea and Azov Sea shore.

Kiev is the capital city and also the largest city in the country.

As a historic fact we must mention that Ukraine is a former Soviet Republic country, independent since July 16, 1990.

Ukraine travel guide – Fauna and Flora

With such a various landscape, fauna and flora are very generous too. In the mountains and hills areas we can find different species like the bear, wolves, lizards, birds and snakes, in the plain areas there are many species of rodents, dears and birds, and in the sea there are many species of fish, dolphins and sea pigs.

Flora is also well represented and characteristic to each type of landscape. There are several natural parks and reservations to protect rare or endemic flora and fauna like Shats'kyi National Park, National Park Podil'ski Tovtry, and Cape Mart’yan Reserve.

Ukraine travel guide – Tips for Tourists

For anyone interested in spending a holiday here they must know that Ukraine is one of the most visited east European countries and offers a wide range of accommodation facilities.

In order to travel to Ukraine you must know that people from the US or EU do not need a visa but mustn’t stay more than 90 days. Also very useful may be the purchase of a medical insurance before leaving.

The regional currency is the Hryvnia and conversion is available at any bank and exchange desks in hotels.

Ukraine travel guide – Transport

The fastest transport to Ukraine is offered by any of the local or international airline companies, the most important airport being Boryspil International Airport in Kiev. The most popular airline here is the Ukraine International Airlines, connecting the country with the rest of the world.

Other traveling options are the ferry or railway, and inside the country the car or bus.

Ukraine travel guide – Resorts

Ukraine is a very offering country in matters of accommodation, depending on your exact destination. There are cheaper or more expensive hotels to fit every traveler’s pocket. Still, before you decide to book on-line a room in a hotel it would be wise to consult a local travel operator. There are different quality and standards in Ukraine, you cannot every time get exactly what you should for a certain number of stars in a hotel. Still, there are also very nice and reliable hotels that offer a wide range of facilities, but they are not cheap.

Seaside resorts are located mostly on the western coast of the Black Sea, Crimean Peninsula and Azov Sea. A good example of a seaside resort is Yalta at the Black Sea with the four stars Palmira Palace Hotel. The hotel is perfectly located near the beach and overlooking the sea. Services offered here are various, especially the spa ones like mud treatments and therapies, Roman and Turkish baths, Japanese spa, Finnish sauna, Russian banya, but also regional and international cuisine served in a chic restaurant with a sea view.

Generally the quieter resorts are located in the Azov Sea and Crimea area and the more animated ones with a wide range of night entertainment at the Black Sea near Odessa and Yalta.

Also we must not overlook the other destinations located in the mountain areas, historic ones, or the cruises. You can choose to go on a cruise starting from Dnieper, the largest river in Ukraine, with final destination Yalta in the Black Sea, or for the most adventurous ones a Carpathian Motorcycle tour is a great option, with this tour you can also choose to have additional activities like caving, trekking, hiking, in one word enjoying the spectacular sights of these mountains.

Ukraine travel guide – Cuisine

The basic ingredients of the Ukrainian traditional cuisine are the pork meat, mushrooms, potatoes, berries and herbs. It is a regional cuisine due to the fact that the same dish has a different taste prepared in different country areas. It is also known for the “Ukrainian frying”, procedure borrowed from the Turkish cuisine where all vegetables are fried and then boiled in soups or stewed. There are also Russian and Tatar influences.

The most popular meat here is the pork and there are many traditional dishes connected to it. Salo is the pork fat used for cooking, fresh, salted or smoked. Ukrainians also like dried salted fish and caviar usually accompanied by beer, varenyky which is dumplings made of potatoes, cheese or other ingredients, holubtsi which is stuffed cabbage with rice, spices and meat and the Ukrainian borsch which is a type of soup with meat and lots of vegetables. Other famous dishes here are the Chicken Kiev and Kiev Cake.

All in all, Ukraine is a very offering holiday destination for a family vacation or for just a weekend getaway. You can choose among the multitude of landscapes and resorts in order to find what fits you best. Whatever you may choose, it will be for sure a holiday to remember.


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