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Croatia Travel Guide
Croatia Travel Guide
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Croatia Travel Guide


Croatia is a land of magnificent mountains beautifully shaped by the waters, rocky and sandy beaches, crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea and captivating history.

Croatia – Geography

The country offers a great variety of landscapes. From the central mountainous area to the northern planes and southern coast of the Adriatic Sea the country surprises any tourists with beauty. The central limestone mountains offer spectacular sceneries with their highest point in Sinjal Peak (1831m), beautiful waterfalls and clear water lakes. The most important rivers here, according to length are the Sava River, Drava River and Dunav River.

Due to its location and topography, the climate is Mediterranean with continental influences in some areas. Temperatures are quite uniform throughout the year, with mild summers and cool winters. Regarding moisture, summers are often dry with scarce rainfalls while winters receive important amounts of rainfalls.

Croatia also comprises numerous islands, among which the most important are Krk Island, Vis Island and the Kornati Archipelago.

Croatia – Flora and Fauna

The abundant local Mediterranean flora and fauna can be admired by any tourist in some of the main protected areas in the country. Some of the most important natural parks are the Risnjan National Park which is also the oldest, Brijuni National Park and Plitvice National Park, all protecting different ecosystems like forests, reefs, islets or endangered species.

Croatia – Population

The Croat population numbers about 4.500.000 people and most of them live in urban areas. The main religion here is Roman Catholic and the main ethnic group is Croat, followed by Serbian, Albanian, Czech and others.

The capital city is Zagreb, an important economic, tourist and cultural city, offering the charming atmosphere of a central European metropolis.

Croatia – Tips for Tourists

If you decide to visit Croatia you must know that a valid passport is required, or an ID if you are a European citizen; you also have to declare your residence within 24 hours from arrival and also the entire foreign currency. It is advisable to change your money into Kuna at the first gas station as you enter the country, unless you already have Kuna on you. You need it to pay for the highway.

The national currency is the Croatian Kuna, but Euros are widely accepted and can also be converted easily.

Croatia – Transport

Croatia has a very well developed transport infrastructure with many kilometers of highways, railways and roads. The air transport system is also very developed, with international and local flights connecting the country with the rest of the world. The main airport is the Zagreb International Airport and many others, both international and national, some of them located on some of the islands from the Adriatic Sea.

For inland traveling you can use the rent a car companies, and within the cities the urban public transport system.

Croatia – Resorts

Croatia is a perfect place for spending a wonderful vacation on one of the sandy or rocky beaches, in the mountains or visiting some of the most captivating historic places.

There are more than a thousand islands here to choose from and if you decide on Palmižana Island you can stay at the Palmižana Meneghello villas. The resort offers varied accommodation in villas or bungalows, numerous facilities and gorgeous surroundings like pine forests and Mediterranean vegetation. Tourists have many opportunities to spend some quality time in nature practicing different sports or just hiking in the nearby forests. Water related activities are also available here like swimming, fishing, yachting and more.

Croatia is also a much appreciated ski destination. Bjelolasica ski resort is one of the best known in the country with an Olympic Center, offering numerous outdoor facilities for practicing many different sports. The resort has many ski slopes for both beginners and professionals, equipped with 6 ski lifts and can also produce artificial snow.

A great place to stay for a ski vacation in this resort is the Karlovac Hotel, offering great accommodation with spacious rooms, international restaurant and numerous possibilities to visit and enjoy beautiful local places.

Whatever you have planed to visit in Croatia you will surely have the time of your life.


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