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Trogir is one of the oldest and most exciting cities of the Dalmatian Coast. It is also a renowned harbor on the coastal strip of the Kastela Gulf. It is only 27 km north from the big city of Split and it is a much quieter place. Population reaches just above 10 thousand.

You can easily get here by all means of transport by air or by sea. The nearest airport is at Split. And the roads leading you here are M2, E65.

The resemblance of the old part of the city to Venice is great starting with the fact that it is connected to the mainland by a small stone bridge and to the island of Ciovo by a drawbridge and ending with the narrow, cobbled, winding streets. They are just like a labyrinth and it is easy to get lost especially if you go by admiring the beautifully decorated buildings

There are a lot of canals too. This resemblance is also due to the fact that the place was conquered by the Venetians and much of the architecture remained. It Venetian charm is enhanced by the local touch and by the fact that is less expensive. The old town looks like a fortress with high walls and towers giving it a historical feel.

Its resemblance to Venice is not the only one that brought fame to the city but it’s the fact that this really charming place dating the 3rd century B.C. has unique architecture, well-preserved decorative stonework and medieval character facts that made it being called "town museum" and it was added to the World Heritage List in 1997. Its history started with the Greeks followed with the Romans, Venetians, Austrians and ended now being Croati’s unique pearl, visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Economy has been based on shipbuilding, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and since Croatia's independence it has based itself a lot on tourism. Places like the marinas (it has number of large marinas including Trogir Marina situated on the northern coast of the Ciovo island, between the bridge of Trogir and Cape Cubrijan), marketplaces, interesting buildings, beaches, churches, the historic centre, the monuments are all a major draw for the tourists.

Staying here is a pleasure as you can choose from various types of accommodation: hotels, boarding houses, apartments and campsites. The easiest way is to look on the net for the type of accommodation you want and reserve a room. The cheapest accommodation is at camping site but sometimes you can find a cheap room in an apartment that might cost you the same as in a camping, so it is better to check and compare.

Trogir has been undergoing a revival a lot of places being renovated and shaped up so that tourists can enjoy the best of Trogir, a city that has a lot to offer in terms of sights, islands, beaches, accommodation, cuisine, outdoor sports, history, art and culture.

Culture buffs will have plenty to see in this town-museum just by walking its winding streets you encounter great monuments, unique examples of architecture. The historic center is located in Kastela Bay on an islet and holds the city’s greatest treasures. History is present and you can feel it by walking on the cobbled streets, visiting Trogir Castle, seeing the city wall and the churches. You can really imagine yourself living in those times as there is not much to remind you of the present. Ciovo is full of private houses and pensions.

Eating here is great as you have a lot of opportunities to shop. Dominated by massive clock tower and theater the market is open until midnight an offers delicious domestic food, fresh vegetables and all types of sea food. Vegetables here can grow all year round due to the mild climate.

Cafes stretch along the marina and offer great cappuccinos. There are a number of restaurants offering local specialties like: pasticada, krostule, rozata, rafioli, Dalmatian tortes, but there are excellent Italian restaurants, too. All meals should be served with a fine wine produced from the grapes growing in the rocky Dalmatian soil and prepared after old recipes.

The presence of fine and healthy food can be noticed even if you look at the locals that are quite slim, you don’t see many overweight people around. Locals eat easily digestible food that requires simple preparation and grilling is one of the favorite methods. Some of the most used ingredients in cooking are: raw ham, salty sardines and sheep's cheese. Using olive oil in small quantities also enhances the quality of the food. My suggestion is that you do the same while you are there. In going to the restaurant it is recommended that you order sea food(shrimp, mussels, roast fish, fish stew with rice) that is delicious and you can even check its freshness.

Nightlife in Trogir is sparkling with beautiful views of the sea, lively bars and dance clubs, folklore shows, music concerts and excellent theatrical performances. For fishermen there are a lively fishermen’s nights excellently organized.

Trogir is called most often “town museum” but it distinguishes itself from the other towns by elegance, beauty, entertainment and outdoor opportunities.

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