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Portugal Travel Guide
Portugal Travel Guide
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Portugal Travel Guide

The blue sky, wonderful bays, olive trees, castles, great beaches are just a few things of what Portugal has to offer. It is the country of Vasco da Gama, of Porto wines, of great architectural sites, of great opportunities, a country that must not be missed!

Portugal- capital

Portugal is a small country with an interesting history and one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe, Lisbon, a city that stretches over seven hills resembling San Francisco. It is a pleasant city with a welcoming atmosphere, interesting attractions and surprisingly low prices. Lisbon is worth visiting by anyone even if only for the classical architecture or for the delicious specialties. Among the important attractions we can list the cathedral, Masteiro dos Jeronimos monument dedicated to Vasco da Gama, Bairro Alto the ideal place for shopping and dining.

Portugal- places to visit

Those who would like to discover the beauty of the region can visit places like Batalha, Evora, or Alcobaca, the monuments and buildings to be found here being exquisite. At Evora you can see distinct traces of Roman conquest. The city of Oporto is also a good choice, being located near the sea on the edge of Douro Valley.

To the south, you will find reservations and natural parks, coastal areas lined with small villages and km of beaches. The best place for a seaside summer vacation is Algarve coast that is also called “ The land of Eternal Spring”. It is an exotic place that together with the resorts near Lisbon Estoril and Cascais, Azore Islands and Madeira Island makes a perfect destination. Estoril and Cascais are two neighboring resorts part of the “golden triangle”, the surfer’s and golfer’s heaven. Estoril is famous for its thermal waters while Carcais for the glow conferred by the royal court.

Located south west of Lisbon Madeira is seen as a giant floating floral pot; you can swim with the dolphins, practice surfing, diving or water skiing

But above all, Algarve region surpasses all with its beauty. It is true that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, some may think differently, but those who do not like mass tourism and prefer smaller, and resorts that are more private will definitely agree. The mild climate during winter offers ideal opportunities for all year round golf.

Azore Islands comprising 9 islands are a kind of heaven on earth, a place where time seems to stand still. There are few large sandy beaches but total relaxation is guaranteed.

Portugal- Tips

If you happen to call the emergency number 112 do not hang up, otherwise you will be sent a car to check that you are ok. You need to have on you a medical insurance. Antibiotics are given only if you have a prescription so take the medicine you need with you. Getting around is easy as there are modern airports and good roads. Tap air Portugal is the main carrier. Travelling by train is cheap and you can get almost everywhere. If you want to get from Lisbon to the north of the country, take the high-speed Alfa train

Portugal –Cuisine

The food is quite spicy and varied. If you want to try out a typical meal, you should start with appetizers than continue with vegetable soup which is very common or with fish soup. Seafood is to be found everywhere and the most delicious dishes contain seafood. Pork is also common and lots of dished have pork as the main ingredient.


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