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Malta Travel Guide
Malta Travel Guide
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Malta Travel Guide

Although Malta is not a large country, it is definitely a wonderful place to be, which offers a lot of facilities for all those who are looking for fun, excitement, adventure or just choose to spend their holidays in a quiet, relaxed, peaceful way; all at a reasonable price.

Malta Population & Landscape

The republic of Malta, with a surface around 246 square km, consists of 6 islands: Malta, the main island and the biggest, Gozo, Comino, Filfa and the two twin islands St Paul.

In spite of her size, Malta is surprisingly one of the most populated countries in Europe, with 1250 inhabitants per square km. Only Malta and Gozo are permanently inhabited. On Comico there are 3 permanent inhabitants: a couple who own a hotel there and a police officer who is being replaced seasonally.

Concerning landscape or natural resources, Malta is not that rich. Actually all the 6 islands, excepting Comino, are made up of rocks and lime stones. The mountains, rivers and lakes are absent and the Maltese forest was cut down centuries ago.

Malta -When to visit

Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, Malta can be visited in winter and as well as in summer, but most of the tourists decide to come in winter. The European tourists find in Malta a temporary refuge from the cold and frosty North European winter.

Malta can be reached by air and sea. The fastest way to get there is by plane so you can choose Air Malta which offers cheap fares.

Malta- Visa or not?

If you are a EU citizen and you decide to go for the holidays in Malta you will be glad to find out that a visa or the passport are not required. You will only need an ID card to enter the country. Related to the economy and currency, Malta is quite a flexible country: it has adopted the Euro as currency.

Malta -The Capital

Valletta is the capital city of Malta. Some consider it, a mysterious town because of the mixture of cultures and civilizations. Malta's capital it is a perfect combination of ancient and modern. If you are planning to visit the capital, hotel reservations at discounted rates are offered by a variety of tour agencies all over the world.

Valetta is the home of a great number of palaces like Superbissime, the Magiserial palace of the Grandmaster (which also happens to be the office of the president of Malta) or the Auberage de Castille. You can visit Valletta for educational purposes, because the city is considered to have wide range of museum: The Armory Museum, The Museum of Archaeology, The Manouel Theatre Museum or the Malta War Museum. The most heavenly site in Valletta is Upper Barrakka Gardens which offer a panoramic view over the Grand harbor.


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