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San Marino, Travel Guide – General Presentation

San Marino ranks among the smallest countries in Europe, together with Vatican, Monaco and Andorra, covering just over 60 km². As it is an enclave, located at the foot of the Apennines Mountains, it is completely surrounded by Italy. Any San Marino Travel Guide will mention that this amazing country has the lowest number of population among the countries belonging to the European Union and that its constitution is the oldest in the world that is still being applied. As San Marino is completely surrounded by Italy, the official language is Italian and the local currency is euro.

San Marino, Travel Guide – Places to Visit

You cannot possibly visit this beautiful country and get bored, not even for a minute. Thus, you can start your adventure through San Marino lands with the Wax Museum, which exhibits 40 scenes, portraying 100 personalities telling the story of the past of their country and dealing also with international history. The full price of the ticket is 6 euro, but old people, students, children between 4 and 10 and groups made up of more than 20 people receive a discount, paying only 3 euro.

The next stop is an unconventional one, the Museum of Torture. It is here that you will get the chance to find out about the history of how people used to instill pain and death and the limits of their cruelty in the past. After such an experience, continue your journey visiting the Curiosity Museum, where a collection of stories, objects, and unusual characters will make you wonder about the sense of life, whether the unbelievable really exists and where the border lies between real and unreal.

It is high time to relax after such terrifying experiences and visit the Third Tower San Marion. It represents an important symbol of the war that took place between San Marino and Malatesta. The view from up here is splendid so it is worth any money, time and physical effort.

Among other places you can find in San Marino Travel Guide that will most certainly not only rise your curiosity, but will also take your breath away, are: Second Tower San Marino, Museum Ancient Arms, National Museum, San Francesco Museum, Public Palace, Museum of Emigration, San Marino Churches, Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, San Francesco Museum and First Tower San Marino. These places will convince you not to consider this trip as your last one and return with beautiful memories in the amazing country of San Marino.


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