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Focsani Travel Guide, Romania

Focsani, Travel Guide – Location

Focsani is located in south eastern Romania 101 miles from Bucharest, 104 miles from Iasi and is the capital City of Vrancea County.

Focsani, Travel Guide – Topography and Climate

Focsani has a monotone topography given by the Siret Plain, a low plain with an average altitude of 50m above sea level. The monotony is broken by the Milcov River which crosses the city and whose valley creates a beautiful contrast with the surrounding flat area. Characteristic phenomena here are the earthquakes, Focsani being located in one of the most active seismic areas in the country.

The local climate is temperate continental with strong eastern influences bringing low temperatures in winter and draught in summer, the average annual temperature being 9ºC. Precipitations are more present in June and scarce from December to February.

The hydrographic network is represented by the river Milcov and nearby Putna.

Focsani, Travel Guide – Flora and Fauna

Focsani is located in the forest steppe area housing characteristic species of oaks, hawthorn and blackthorn along with steppe characteristic species. The location, particularities of the topography and the flora have conditioned the presence and distribution of local fauna. The area surrounding Focsani is famous in the country and abroad for its rich and diverse fauna; hence the most present species are the deer, boar, squirrel, weasel, hare, hedgehog and many more.

Focsani, Travel Guide – Population

The city numbers about 101.000 inhabitants among which 98% are Romanians of Christian Orthodox religion followed by Roma and other smaller communities. Most of the locals work for different local companies producing vine, which has a high quality and is very popular in Romania, textile industry, food industry, commerce and tourism. Wood industry is also well developed represented by several companies selling sawn wood or others producing high quality furniture, mainly for export.

Focsani, Travel Guide – Culture and Arts

In Focsani there is a tradition about culture and arts, therefore there are two main edifices housing related events: the Theatre and the Athenaeum. The city also has a Culture House and two cinemas, two museums and two public libraries, all of them important locations for different artistic and cultural events.

Also important are the Focsani Art Galleries, a place where painters, photographers, sculptors, writers and so on organize different exhibitions, book releases, inaugurations and other such events.

Focsani, Travel Guide – Transport

Focsani has a strategic location within the country being crossed by roads and railways of European importance and has a radial communication network. The city has six entrances if arriving from other cities and offers tourists a reliable and efficient transport system for traveling within the city.

For tourists arriving from abroad the Bacau International Airport is the nearest one, located only 100 km away, and can further get transfer to Focsani by bus, car or train..

Focsani, Travel Guide – Accommodation

The best places to stay in Focsani and recommended by many travel guides are the Lifa Boarding House, Monte Carlo Hotel and Dana Boarding House. Lifa Boarding House welcomes tourists in a beautiful building with a classic design, professional service and a comforting atmosphere. The numerous facilities and the friendly staff will surely make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Focsani, Travel Guide – Festivals

Very important to mention in any Focsani travel guide are the numerous festivals organized throughout the year by different local institutions, companies or other organizations. For example “Mr. Gheorghe Pastia” Athenaeum managed to promote nationally the “Florentin Delmar” pop music competition-festival, event organized every year for helping young pop music performers to rise in their artistic career. Another such event is the Spring Festival, an event organized by a local mall and which welcomes visitors with an outdoor amusement park, barbeque, beer, traditional food and a lot of good music provided by popular local and abroad singers and bands.

The “Little Stars of May” Pop Music National Festival is dedicated to children from all over the country who sing and who are willing to follow a carrier in music. Folklore and traditions were also included in the festivities program, so every year locals can enjoy the Folkloric Festival of the Shepherds, the Popular Artists Fair and other such wonderful events.

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