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Kuwait Travel Guide
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Kuwait Travel Guide

Kuwait, Travel Guide – General Presentation

I can bet you are dreaming for some time now to visit those places where the level of living is one of the highest in the world, just to see how it is like. Your dreams will come true after browsing a Kuwait Travel Guide that will give you all the information about this amazing country.

Kuwait is located in the United Arab Emirates, being bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south and having as neighbor Iraq to the west and north. It is considered a Constitutional hereditary emirate, having as rules the Emir and Prime Minister.

The official language is Arabic and the local currency the Kuwaiti dinar.

Kuwait, Travel Guide - Did you Know?

Did you know that Kuwait is ranked the 4th as the richest country in the world?

Did you know that “Kuwait” means in Arabic “fortress built near water”?

Did you know that the high level of living in this country is due to the large quantities of petroleum discovered here?

Did you know that Kuwait is considered as the second country in the Middle East in which the freedom of press is being respected?

Kuwait, Travel Guide - Places to Visit

Any Kuwait Travel Guide will brag with one of the tallest towers in the world: the Liberation Tower. It represents the symbol of liberation from Iraqi domination, being 40 meters higher that the famous Eifel tower. This place is divided into three important segments: a restaurant, an observation desk and a public center for different events.

Another famous Kuwait landscape is the Kuwait Towers, located in Dasman, where you can find, just like in the Liberation Tower, a restaurant and an observation area, with corridors leading to the high-speed elevators. Next on your list should be the National Museum, made up of four buildings and a planetarium. Here you will make acquaintance with everything that is related to the culture of this amazing country. You will complete your knowledge with the information you get from Science and Natural History Museum.

Some other amazing places that will not only entertain you, but will also give you all the reasons to admire this unique country are: Failaka Island, Entertainment City, Kuwait Science Club, Liberation Monuments, Sadu House, The Scientific Center, The Tareq Rajab Museum, Bayt Al-Badir, Municipal Gardens, Zoological Park, Musical Fountain and beautiful Mosques.

As Kuwait has a lot to offer, you cannot possibly enjoy every single place from this country in just one holiday, so right after getting home, don’t forget to make plans for a new trip back.


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