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Middle East's map Most Westerners wouldn't pick the Middle East as a priority in their traveling itinerary, but those that do always come back with great experiences. As long as you avoid the turmoil and tribulations in the area, you're bound to see some magnificent sights, filled with culture and diversity. To shed some light on a region with such a high touristic potential, we decided to write up a short Middle East travel guide.

With Middle Eastern countries partially spanning over two continents (Africa and Asia), it's hard to say what defines the Middle East. Some would say crusades, oil, sheiks, Islam, Jerusalem or the ‘one thousand and one nights'. Middle East is all that and even more: it's the birth place of some of the world's most important religions (not to mention esoteric disciplines like Kabala and Zoroastrianism), it preserves the traces of some of the most advanced antic civilizations (Persians, Egyptians, Mesopotamians) and, last, but not least, it concentrates a big amount of world's fuel resources.

Even if we take into consideration the narrow definition of the Middle East (that will encompass, among others, countries like Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Israel and Saudi Arabia) the territory is still too vast to be covered by one trip. The Caucasian Mountains, the Dead Sea, part of the Mediterranean coastline and the Persian Gulf determine the geography of the Middle East.

Despite the numerous military conflicts that marked the recent history of Iran, Iraq or Israel, these countries are the beholders of a millenary tradition. Beirut, Damascus, Istanbul, Alexandria or Jerusalem represent fascinating destinations for the tourist that wants to observe the Middle-Eastern lifestyle in a historic location. The ultra-chic Dubai, which seems to have appeared from the thin air, has managed to become the latest trend in terms of tourism in just a few years.

Did that spark some interest in the area? If that's the case, we have some great airfare deals to take you there as well as some all-inclusive Middle Eastern vacation packages that come at a reasonable price. Check them out.

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