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Qatar Travel Guide

Qatar, Travel Guide – General Presentation

Although it is situated in a region where history and religion have been at war for a long time now, Qatar is the second country in the world with the highest gross domestic product. Located in the Middle East, more precisely in the Qatar Peninsula, it is an oil-rich nation, which maintains a high standard of living. The country is divided into 10 provinces, called “baladiyah”, where the local currency is the Ryial (Qar).The dominant religion of this country is the Islam, which doesn’t allow for other foreign missionary groups to impose their doctrines in the area.

Qatar, Travel Guide – Places to Visit

Any Qatar Travel Guide will most certainly recommend starting your discovery of this amazing country with its capital, Doha city. The mesmerizing landscape, with the blue Arabic waters, gold sands and exotic white streets will allure you to want to see more. Due to the high level of modernization, you can find almost everything here, from empty deserts to sophisticated shops, hotels and restaurants. It is here that you can visit the amazing Al Bida Park Doha, a huge recreational area with small groups of shops and cafeterias, The Corniche Doha, one of the most beautiful in Saudi Arabia, where you can admire the sea and scenery, alongside with Qatar National Museum, Museum of Islamic Art and Orientalist Painting.

Once you feel that there is nothing more left to see, you can browse a good Qatar Travel Guide and choose to continue your adventure with an exciting camel race, which are usually being held at Shahaniya. Although there is a place especially built for people to watch such shows, the locals like to add adrenaline, by following the races from their cars.

The following day you can head to one of the most beautiful villages in the region, at just a few kilometers away from the capital: Wakra Village. It was once an important fishing town, nowadays preserving and exhibiting an amazing traditional architecture and wind towers, which will most certainly tell you the story of a glorious past.

Qatar also takes care that children discover its fauna and flora, by inviting them to buy a ticket at Doha Zoo, at just half of hour’s drive away from the capital. If you still have time for a prolonged holiday, don’t you leave the Middle East, without making a short visit to the nearby areas!


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