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Israel Travel Guide

Israel, officially known as The State of Israel is located in the Middle East, on the Eastern coast of The Mediterranean Sea. Syria, Jordan, Egypt and The Lebanon are the neighboring countries. Its land is watered by the flows of The Mediterranean Sea, The Dead Sea and The Aqaba Gulf.

Israel- Landscape

The Coast Field, which stretches parallel to the Mediterranean Sea, consists of sand dunes. It bears 6.500.00 inhabitants and it incorporates the great urban centers. The country is covered by many ranges of mountains like Galilee’s Samaria’s and Judea’s. The Valley of Israel divides The Mountains of Judea and those of Samaria. Besides valleys and mountains, the relief also consists of lakes, rivers and seas. The Tiberiada Lake, which is also known as The Sea of Galilee, is the country’s main reservoir of sweet water. The lake bears biblical significance, as this is the place where Jesus recruited his apostles. Another meaningful flow of water is the Jordan River who has both human and biblical significance. This is the place where Jesus was baptized and it is also an important source of sweet water. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the surface of Earth on dry land, being 422 meters below the sea level.

Israel- The Climate

The Climate varies from temperate to tropical. Two main seasons are prevalent: a period of rainy winter from November to May, and a hot summer which lasts for the following six months. There are heavy rain falls in the center and in the Northern part of the country, but they are almost absent in the South. The inequalities of temperature can be significant: transient snowfalls in the mountainous areas and scorching days in the South, especially during spring and autumn.

Israel- Jerusalem

David, Solomon and the prophets stepped in this city which shelters The Church of the Holy Sepulcher (the place where Jesus was buried and where He resurrected, the center of Christian religion of the entire world), The Dome of The Rock, The Via Dolorosa (the Way of Grief is the road leading to His crucifixion place), The Hanging Gardens of Haifa, The Mount of Olives where worshippers gather to celebrate the entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem. The famous Gethsemane Garden still has the olives which are said to date back 2000 years. The Wailing Wall represents just a fragment left of the second Temple, after the Romans destroyed it. Here, Christians from all over the world come to pray and each Friday evening the young men celebrate the sunset and the beginning of Sabbath.

Nazareth is the place where Jesus Christ spent his childhood. The most beautiful places to visit here are The Catholic Cathedral of Annunciation which is the greatest building in the Middle East elevated on the spot where it used to be Madonna’s house of birth. Surrounded by walls which allowed the access through eight gates, the city is divided in four main districts: the Jews’ District, the Christian’s District, the Muslims and Armenians’ Districts.

Israel- Tel-Aviv – The Capital

Even if it doesn’t have a history of 3 millenniums like Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv still represents an important commercial and political center and it offers tourists a wide range of possibilities. The cultural and religious mixture is among the main attractions for tourists. It has a great variety of museums and theatres and its visitors will enjoy the mélange of Arabian and European civilization.

Israel- Useful Information

The tourists are recommended to wear light, cotton clothes and comfortable footwear. No vaccine is compulsory, but everyone who decides to visit the country is advised to drink bottled water. The New Shekel is the official currency of Israel and it is divided into 100 agorot.


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