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Georgia Travel Guide
Georgia Travel Guide
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Georgia Travel Guide

Georgia Travel Guide

One of the oldest civilizations in the world, an important point in the silk trail, a country with both mountains and sandy beaches, a place where Asian and Mediterranean flavors blend, in one word Georgia is a culturally rich country waiting to be discovered.

Georgia Travel Guide – Geography

Located on the east shore of the Black Sea between Turkey and Russia, it used to be and still is a privileged holiday destination for tourists from the neighboring countries especially Russia and recently from all over the world.

Due to this location, Georgia has a continental climate with Mediterranean influences on the Black Sea coast with mild winters and warm summers, making it a great spot for spending the summer vacation. The mountainous and other eastern regions have a harsher climate due to the strong continental influences with cold and snowy winters and cool summers, making them fit for winter sports or relaxing summer holidays.

The highest point here is Mt. Shkhara (5068 m), one of the highest and most spectacular peaks of Europe, offering together with other picturesque peaks a dream come true for any climber.

Historically, Georgia was one of the most invaded civilizations ever also known as a former Soviet Union country.

Georgia Travel Guide – Flora and Fauna

The country’s rich flora and fauna with numerous endemic Caucasus species can be observed by tourists in all of the 31 protected areas representing about 25% from the entire surface of the country. Georgia is a country with rich flora with about 40% of the country still covered by forests. Some of the most important reserves are the Tusheti National Park, Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park and Kolhetian National Park.

Georgia Travel Guide – Tips for Tourists

Georgia is a very offering country from a tourist point of view; it gives you the possibility to spend quality time with you family and friends, in an isolated mountain retreat, in a relaxing spa center or in a luxurious metropolitan hotel.

Before leaving to Georgia you must know that there is no visa required for a large number of countries, but a valid passport and one must not stay longer than 90 days. For more exact information every traveler should check with an embassy for more details.

The national currency is the Georgian Lari and can be converted to all currencies of the world in any local bank, exchange offices or hotels.

Georgia Travel Guide – Transport

The fastest way to travel to Georgia is by air. The most modern international airport in Georgia is the Tbilisi International Airport connecting the country with the rest of the world. There is also a well developed network of roads and highways allowing you to travel in good conditions throughout the country. You can also choose to travel by bus or train. Traveling by sea can also be an interesting experience if you choose a ferry leaving from one of the main Georgian ports Poti and Batumi, equipped with comfortable cabins, connecting the country with neighbor ports at the Black Sea.

Georgia Travel Guide – Resorts

Georgia is a country with a huge landscape variety with about 103 resorts spread throughout the nation, from the ones on the Black Sea shore to the ones hidden in the Caucasus or near one of the multitude of mineral springs, appreciated especially for their therapeutic effects.

One of the finest hotels in Kobuleti resort by the sea is Georgia Palace Hotel, offering an outdoor pool, internet, conference rooms, sea view, spa center and many more facilities in order to satisfy even the most demanding guests. The comfortable rooms, small distance to the beach and the facilities for children make this location one fit for a family vacation. It can also be suitable for just a few days’ business trip.

Bakuriani resort is the best location to spend you winter vacation and Evrika Hotel should offer all necessary ingredients to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Located near the main ski slopes of the resort, the hotel offers warm and cozy rooms, friendly personnel, entertainment for both adults and children, making the hotel perfect for families or singles as well. There is also a pool and sauna available for all guests, traditional Caucasian cuisine, a well equipped gym and private garden. The hotel also organizes trips to visit all tourist attractions near the resort and many outdoor activities in order to help you spend the best time here.

Everyone deciding to visit Georgia will be amazed by the vivid nature, variety of the landscape and rich culture of these places.

Georgia Travel Guide – Cuisine

Traditional cuisine is a mix of Middle Eastern and European influences offering a variety of meat but also vegetarian dishes. The main ingredients are all kinds of meat, vegetables, cheese, pickles, aromatic herbs and more. Some of the traditional Georgian dishes are the khachapuri which is a thin pie filled with cheese, stewed chicken in garlic sauce, kharcho which is a rice and mutton soup, chizhi-pizhi which is liver and spleen roasted in butter, khinkali which is a sort of dumplings filled with mutton and strongly peppered, and many more.

You can find here many refined restaurants serving any international dish but also traditional ones that will surprise you with delicious local treats.

If you want a different holiday destination with both seaside and snowcapped mountains, Georgia is the best choice. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a multitude of winter and water sports, go hiking in the deep forests and picturesque mountains, go fishing on one of the clear water mountain lakes, visit historical places and more.


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