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Bangladesh Travel Guide
Bangladesh Travel Guide
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Bangladesh Travel Guide

Bangladesh, a south Asian country with a complicated history is known to be one of the poorest countries in the world. However, the unfortunate economic situation does not deter tourists to visit Bangladesh, partly because of its exotic natural beauty and partly because of its fascinating culture. Bangladesh is densely populated, but the Bengali people live in large numbers even outside the borders of the country. West Bengal, together with Bangladesh, form the ethnic region of Bengal, a region whose rich culture, despite its economic limitations, attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Since the 1970’s, Bangladesh has been in steady streak of development, heightened since 1991 when a democratic regime was established in the country. The hospitality of the people, paired with amazing natural landscapes make Bangladesh a must see for anyone interested in discovering something different. This Bangladesh Travel Guide offers you some basic information about this wonderful country.

Bangladesh Travel Guide - Geography and Climate

Bangladesh has over 700 kilometers of beaches, although some of them are characterized by marshy land and vast expanses of mangrove forests. The fertile fields of Bangladesh are due to the large number of rivers that cross the country, the largest being the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna, that form a large delta. Unfortunately, the presence of these nourishing rivers is a double edged knife, as the surrounding regions are prone to flooding. Weather in Bangladesh is generally very wet and hot as a consequence of the seasonal monsoons.

Bangladesh Travel Guide- Places to See

There are several large cities in Bangladesh, but the capital, Dhaka, is the best tourist destination especially if you’re visiting Bangladesh for the first time. There are plenty of sights to visit in Dhaka, such as museums, mosques, colorful bazaars and the lovely old neighborhood. If you want to get away from the busy life of the city, you can visit the largest unbroken beach in the world, Cox’s bazaar, the mangrove forests, Kaptai Lake and the many villages that make up the charm of Bangladeshi rural life.

Bangladesh Travel Guide - Culture

The culture of Bangladesh is unique through its variety. Over the time, it has assimilated elements from all the nations who have controlled or come in contact with Bangladesh. Hinduism, Jainism, Islam and Buddhism have left their mark on Bangladeshi music, dance, art, literature and philosophy. The Bangladeshi people love to celebrate, and they have many opportunities to do so. There are numerous festivals in Bangladeshi culture, either religious or national.

Eid ul-Fitr is the largest religious holiday of the year, and in the countryside, the celebration includes traditional games, music and food. The Bangladeshi New Year is celebrated in the family with lots of seasonal dishes and drinks, but the day is spent at fairs, enjoying the dance, music, parade and games. Bengali cuisine is known for its delicate and subtle combinations that is sometimes said to be the French Cuisine of Asia. Meals are elaborate and consist of a long string of dishes that will satisfy even the most picky gourmet.


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