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Asia's map Asia is not only the world's biggest continent, but also the most populous and from a touristic point of view, it offers some locations that will whet the appetite of any traveler. If you're undecided on where to travel or want some more information on the wonderful locations you can visit, check out this Asian Travel Guide.

From the ancient Caucasian civilizations to the technical wonders of contemporary Japan, Asia represents a permanent challenge for the curious tourist. Spreading over all the existent climate zones, Asia offers a great variety of landscapes: the frozen Siberian steps, the deserted lands of Gobi, the luxuriant tropical woods or the eternal snows on the Himalayan peaks.

During its millennia of existence, Asia has breaded some the greatest empires: the Khmers, the Mongols or the Chinese dynasties have shaped the continent's history. Contemporary Asia is an impressive display of forces: the Russian Federation, China and India are some of the world's biggest, richest, most diversified countries. Asia's technologic development is reflected by its huge metropolitan areas: Tokyo, Soul, Shanghai or Hong Kong can leave behind many Western cities.

People have learned their ways around this vast continent since ancient times: the Silk Road, the Trans-Siberian Railway, and the Great Wall of China have left traces all over Asia. When you decide to visit Asia, you have to be perfectly aware of the fact that you don't just go sightseeing - you also enroll a spiritual journey towards the roots of Asia's great religions: the Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism will reveal their full greatness in places like Balaji, Angkor or Mecca.

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