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China Travel Guide
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China Travel Guide

China Travel: General Information

China has always been linked to its ancient civilization, friendly people and its own distinct, exquisite cuisine. Famous for its history, culture and landscape and with cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, one thing is for sure, your vacation in China, will be a memorable one.

China Travel: Key Facts

Capital city: Beijing

Area: 9.6 million sq Km

Population: 1.332 Billion

Monetary Unit: RMB (Renminbi)

Official Language: Mandarin Chinese

International Dialing code: 86

China Travel: Popular Tourist Destinations

  • Beijing: The capital city Beijing is host to a number of historical sites such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, and the Temple Of Heaven. Beijing is also well known to be a shopping delight. Popular shopping sites are the Silk Street, Xi Zhi Men and covering a whopping 680,000 square meters is the Golden Resources Shopping Mall which is the largest shopping mall in Asia.
  • Shanghai: Located on the east coast, it is the largest city of China. It offers many tourist attractions such as parks, gardens, museums, the Shanghai Zoo and many others. The Yuyuan Gardens and the Bunds are historical sites that are a must-see in Shanghai. Shanghai’s road-side shopping also attracts a lot of tourists and places like Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road and Xiangyang Road Market are famous for the same.
  • Hong Kong: Often known for its shopping ecstasy, from glitzy malls to funky street markets, and trendy boutiques to traditional Chinese stores and themed shopping districts, Hong Kong pampers those who love to shop around. Hong Kong also offers a host of tourist attractions like the Peak, Victoria Harbor and the Giant Buddha among the most awe-inspiring views. With the new Disneyland Resort (that has opened up recently on Lantau Island) and the Ocean world, Hong Kong has become one of the favorite travel destinations for kids as well!

China Travel: Economy and Infrastructure

China has the third largest economy in the world in terms of exchange rate. With a per capita income growth rate of over 8% annually, Chinese economy is flourishing every single day that passes and is in close competition with the economy of the US. Agriculture and manufacturing have been the two important pillars of the economy. It is forecasted that the Gross National Product of China will be equal to that of the US by 2030.

China has fairly good infrastructure facilities. It has sixteen major shipping ports as of now, with a capacity surpassing 50 million tons per year, and yet, ports are still being improved. China has been rapidly developing its expressway system. China plans to improve upon their rural roadways.

China Travel: Culture

China is a country rich in traditions, mythologies and culture. Chinese cuisine is one of the most loved and admired cuisines of the world. China has been known for its art for ages. Calligraphy (‘Shu Fa’) is an ancient form of Chinese art that became extremely popular in Asia as well as other parts of the globe.

Festivals are the perfect occasions to peep into the rich cultural heritage of the country. Whether it is the Dragon boat festival, Chinese New Year or the Lantern Festival, it is great to be a part of these extravagant celebrations. With traditional dances, music and delicious cuisines, these festivals offer a perfect opportunity to make your holiday even more memorable.


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