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Pingdingshan Travel Guide, China

Pingdingshan, Travel guide – Location

Pingdingshan is a beautiful city located in eastern China, also called the Eagle City. Pingdingshan travel guide presents a few basic features of this industrial Chinese city.

Pingdingshan, Travel guide – Geography

Pingdingshan is located in an area with a monotone topography contrasting with the tall Funiu Mountains in the west to the low Huanghuai plains in the east. The flood plains on which the city is set do not exceed 60m in attitude and are crossed by the Zhanhe River.

Climate here is continental with monsoon influences which bring a lot of moist especially in the summer months. The mild climate, absence of extreme temperatures and favorable topography create a pleasant atmosphere in Pingdingshan.

Zhanhe River is the only water flow crossing the city, to be more exact Zhanhe Canal. Its initial purpose was for irrigation but within the city it has a recreational purpose, several boats flating on the canal being equipped as restaurants or bars and offering a great time to their clients.

Pingdingshan, Travel guide – Flora and Fauna

Due to intense industrialization of this area and the presence of a plain topography formed on limestone, flora is represented by few adapted species of trees and smaller plants. Some of the most admired local decorative species found throughout the city are the Beauty Bush, Kanji flower or Orange Sherbet, the gorgeous Empress Tree and more.

Fauna is represented by numerous small mammals, birds and aquatic species sheltered by the waters of the Zhanhe Canal.

Pingdingshan, Travel guide – Population and Economy

Pingdingshan has a population of over 4 million inhabitants, representing an important industrial and agricultural centre in Henan Province. Having a long and rich history of about 8 thousand years when these places were occupied by primitive tribes, and developing continuously due to the presence of immense coal resources nearby, nowadays Pingdingshan has an ever growing role into the regional economy.

Because the modern city is rather young, built especially to meet the needs of the mining industry, tourist attractions are few and visitors alike. Most of the locals work in the local mining industry and its related branches, as well as in agriculture which produces important quantities of grains, tobacco, silk, rice and sesame.

Pingdingshan, Travel guide – Transport

The city benefits of a good transport infrastructure represented by modern speedways and railways as well as numerous reliable secondary roads connecting it with the surrounding smaller settlements. The nearest airport is located 120 km away and offers connections with Hong Kong and Beijing.

Within the city locals can travel by train, bus or taxi but if you want to visit the city you should walk because of rather small distances in the tourist attractions area.

Pingdingshan, Travel guide – Cuisine

Cuisine in Pingdingshan is not very complicated and refined but it is simple and tasty and available at very convenient prices. The main characteristic of the local cuisine is that it adapts according to season. Ingredients are usually fresh, especially the vegetables and the meat which is usually pork or lamb. Along meat most of the dishes include rice, soy sauce, tofu, pasta, fried or boiled vegetables and many spices. Noodles are very popular and are served as a main dish or in soups like the Hui Mian noodles, and also dumplings which are usually filled with pork, tofu or veggies and are served with hot soup. Rou Jia Mo is another local treat which can be served as an appetizer and is made with bread and tasty meat filling.

Among drinks tea is quite popular, but also baijiu which is a spirit and locally brewed beer, which usually has a lower alcohol content than European beers.

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