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Fabulous Shanghai

China's financial capital is probably one of the most interesting places in the world to visit.  The city of Shanghai boasts a dramatic view of the old and the new existing side by side with the spectacular Shanghai Bund right in the center of it all.  

Here are some helpful facts about this fabulous city that can help you get a picture of what this city has to offer.   

Visiting the Peninsula

Right smack in the middle of Beijing and Hong Kong is the historic Yangtze River where Shanghai resides.  In fact, this city is considered a peninsula and is bordered not just by the Yangtze but also Hangzhou Bay that is famous for its seasonal tidal bores.  This city is divided by the Huangpu River where you can find the famous Bund.

The weather in Shanghai is almost like the weather in California in the United States.  This city experience four seasons when winter doesn't always mean snow and summers are warm and humid.  The best time to visit this wonderful city is during the seasons of spring and autumn.

History of the Seaport

The city of Shanghai exists as it is today because of its history of being an international seaport for traders from the west particularly the British French and Americans, its ideal location makes it so.  However, Shanghai wasn't always open to foreign traders especially before the Opium Wars started.  During the time of the First Opium War Shanghai began to open itself to the world by allowing the British to settle in their city.  By 1854, the American and the French followed suit through the creation of the Shanghai Municipal Council.  Since then Shanghai has allowed foreigners to trade and settle in their city and their ports.  Today this city is considered to be China's financial capital.

Modern Shanghai

Interesting enough, Shanghai is the cultural and economic center of East Asia.  This is where modern thinking was born in China.  This is also where the first motor cars were taken to the streets and where the first train tracks were ever laid.  Shanghai is also the birthplace of Chinese contemporary writers.  The first Chinese movie ever made was also produced in Shanghai.  This city is also known to have schools that promote the traditional art of painting.  In addition, to further reinforce its cultural roots, Shanghai is also home to several museums devoted to history and art.  

The Residents of Shanghai

The residents of this fair city are mostly immigrants of the neighboring provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang.  The native language of the people is Wu Chinese but everyone can speak the official language of Mandarin.  

Because of its multi-ethnic history, Shanghai is home to many religions that are apparent in the architecture of the buildings all over the city.  The prominent religions of those residing here are Taoism Buddhism and Christianity.  Shanghai also boasts the most prestigious universities of China in their midst even if Beijing is thought to be the educational hub of the country.

It's time to pack your bags and visit this culturally diverse city of Shanghai where the old and the new work as well as the yin and the yang.  

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