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Thailand Travel Guide
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Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand Travel Guide: General Information

Thailand, a country with splendid scenic mountains, waterfalls, gardens, beaches and tropical rainforests boasting a wide range of activities from elephant riding, to scuba diving, from snorkeling to beach fun! Thailand is known to have a golden glow not only because the land is rich in the golden metal but also because of the glitter that the country spreads from its sandy beaches, fertile lands and warm hearted culture. Today the country is also speeding high with fabulous shopping malls, great nightlife and a fast paced city life.

Thailand Travel Guide: Key Facts

Capital city: Bangkok

Area: 514,000 sq Km

Population: 63,396,000

Monetary Unit: Thai Baht

Official Language: Thai

International Dialing code: 66

Thailand Travel Guide: Popular Tourist Destinations

· Bangkok: The capital city, known for its harmonious fusion of the old and the new, Bangkok consists of both, stylish and traditional places for you to explore. It is a modern, sophisticated city hosting a large number of shimmering Buddhist temples, magnificent palaces, and museums and galleries that will take you back to years gone by. The Siam Ocean World in Bangkok is also well known, as it is the largest aquarium in the South East Asia region. Bangkok is one of the hot destinations for those who love to shop.

· Chon Buri: This town is well known for its splendid beaches, rich traditions and fantastic seafood. With fine sandy beaches, Chon Buri is often treated as an exotic beach retreat for both domestic and foreign tourists alike. Pattaya region here hosts large number of activities that interest the tourists like elephant riding, scuba diving and deep sea fishing.

· Mae Hong Son: This city is nicknamed the ‘The Town of Three Mists’ since the area is mostly covered with mist throughout the seasons. This town located between green forest slopes and high raised mountains has a scenic value with great landscapes and waterfalls.

Thailand Travel Guide: Economy and Infrastructure

Thailand has the second largest economy in South East Asia. With exports as one of their main contributor to the economy, agricultural exports such as rice, tapioca and rubber, and manufactured exports such as jewelry, computer and electrical appliances play a major role in the growth of economy in Thailand. The country is the world’s No.1 exporter of rice. Electric appliances, automobiles and computer components constitute the major industries that contribute to the economy.

With efficient network of rail, road and air transport, Thailand provides world class health and sanitation facilities to its people. Due to lower cost and its high standards of medical facilities, Thailand has become one of the top destinations for medical tourists who seek a cheaper, faster, more efficient solution to their medical ailments. Thailand has a good literacy rate and has a well organized system of schools and universities

Thailand Travel Guide: Culture

Thai culture has been greatly influenced by Indian, Cambodian and Chinese cultures. In addition, the Thai culture is greatly influenced by Buddhism. With nearly 95 % of the population being Buddhists, the government has been giving a strong support to the Buddhist community. Thailand is famous for Thai Boxing and its unique cuisine that combines the four fundamental tastes, sweet, salty, sour and spice in a variety of ways to bring forth the worldwide phenomenon called ‘Thai Cuisine’.


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