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Bhutan Travel Guide
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Bhutan Travel Guide

Bhutan, Travel Guide – General Presentation

Bhutan is located in Asia, right on the eastern part of the Himalaya Mountains, having as neighbors the Republic of China to the north and India to the east, west and south. Any Bhutan Travel Guide you will browse, you will find out that this country has once been one of the most isolated in the world, but once with the era of internet, telecommunication and cable television, it has started to make small, but solid steps towards development.

Nowadays, the local authorities are interested in the evolution of technology and its implementation in the area, but also pay close attention to the way in which nature and the environment is preserved and protected.

What’s really interesting about this country is that it is guided after a philosophy called Gross National Happiness, in 2006, Bhutan being considered the happiest country in Asia and ranked on the 8th place as the happiest in the world.

The local currency is Ngultrum, and the predominant religion, Buddhism.

Bhutan, Travel Guide – Places to Visit

Some twenty five years ago, if you wanted to get to Bhutan, you had to walk for days from the border with India until you could actually arrive in the heart of this amazing country. Nowadays, due to the new regulation, you can take a 45 minutes flight from Calcutta and comfortably land in the capital, Thimphu.

This modern city is one of the most exotic you have ever seen. It is here that you can visit Tashichho Dzong, the place where His Majesty, the king of Bhutan, spends a big part of his day. You cannot possibly miss the Thangka painting school, where in the most serene and calm atmosphere you will admire monks and students concentrated in the act of creation.

The next day you should schedule a trip to the breathtaking Punakha, once the capital of Bhutan. The landscape will most certainly make you wonder if there is something more spectacular in this world. Once arrived here, you should definitely visit the central monk body and try to find out more about the way of living of the locals as well details about their religion.

Once Bhutan Travel Guide has nothing more interesting to offer to you about this amazing country, just browse some travel guides of neighboring countries and decide whether it is time to move on and continue your adventure.


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