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Tajikistan Travel Guide
Tajikistan Travel Guide
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Tajikistan Travel Guide

Tajikistan, Travel Guide – General Presentation

The Republic of Tajikistan is located in Central Asia, bordered by countries such as: Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China. What is really interesting about this country is that the locals belong to a certain ethnic group, called Tajik, having thus a common culture and history with the Iranian peoples and speaking the Persian language.

After gaining its independence from the Samanid Empire, it became the witness of a terrible civil war that ended just a few years ago. Since then, Tajikistan is doing its best to have a stable politics and a growing economy, although at the moment, the standard of living is very low.

Any Tajikistan Travel Guide you will read, you will find out that it is the smallest country in Central Asia and that it is crossed by the Pamit Mountains, thus a large part of the country is situated at a high elevation above the sea level.

The official language is Tajik and the local currency is Somoni.

Tajikistan, Travel Guide – What to See and Do

The capital of this beautiful country is Dushanbe, located in the Gissar Valley, in the west of Tajikistan. It is crossed by the rivers Dushanbinka and Kofarnihon. For some years, it was also called Stalinabad, nowadays this amazing city evolving into a clean and modern city, with low-leveled buildings, nice restaurants and cafes and exquisite clubs and malls. It is made of four administrative areas, the capital representing the administrative, cultural and political center of the country.

The bazaars you will find here will offer you a wonderful time to spend. In summer time you will find anything your heart desires, especially different types of fruits, vegetables, flowers and why not, people. When negotiating the price you will soon realize that locals are really welcoming and friendly and that they will do their best to make your stay a perfect one.

The Opera Ballet and Theater is a unique modern building where you can enrich your general culture with pieces of information about this amazing culture, while in the Firdowsi Library you can buy or loan an interesting collection of Islamic manuscripts. After documenting yourself, you should definitely visit several mosques, synagogues and the Russian church. Among other beautiful places that all Tajikistan Travel Guide will recommend you are: the National Museum of Antiquities, the Unified Museum, the Ethnographic Museum and Botanical Gardens of Dushanbe.


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