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Brazil Travel Guide
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Brazil Travel Guide

Imagine that you lay down in a boat and you listen to the sounds of the jungle! The birds, reptiles and insects seem to rehearse for a concert. Some local just told you that there are some persons in the region that do not care about their age while you think about the possibility that you might not celebrate your birthday again! But the journey you took along the river is fresh in your mind and it gives you a mixed feeling of joy and fright.

You are in Brazil and you admire the great flora and fauna of the Amazon. There is no law in Brazil that prohibits 24 h fun and the locals have many great talents. The first to be mention would be dancing that seems to be in their blood, a heritage left from their ancestors and maybe this is what helps them look so great on the beach! Football is another thing they are very good at.

Visiting Brazil is many tourists’ dream. It is a vast country, it is the fifth largest in the world and there are a lot to see from Rio t o the Iguassu Falls in the south. You can spend a few days on the Amazon or visit some other remarkable places.

Manaus city is one of them and it is of extreme beauty. It has a large market where you can find just about anything, from Indian pipes to aphrodisiac plants freshly picked from the tropical forest. From here you can have an unforgettable trip by boat to see the place where the waters meet. This is the place where Negro and Solimoes Rivers meet and form the Amazon.

Amazonian cuisine is varied and offers a wide variety of fish and fruit based dishes. As a drink you can try Caipirinha, a strong drink.

The Amazonian region differs a lot from Bahia that hosts the beautiful town of Salvador and some beautiful beaches. Bahia is the first place the tourists that get to this region visit. It is only 2 hours away from Salvador and it has a huge complex called Costa do Saiupe, a true Brazilian beauty surrounded by 8 km of white beaches. This complex is well known because it has a resort destined only to couples. But there are other less known resorts like Grand Lido and Breezes. Breezes resort hosts singles, couples and families with children. In Breezes there are a number of fun activities organized from Sumo wrestling to reggae music and body painting. Children have their own paradise that keeps them busy throughout the day. Breezes offers some restaurants that have tipical local dishes on the menu as well as Japanese or Italian dishes.

For a unique Brazilian experience, visit the fishing town of Praia do Forte and then there is wonderful Rio de Janeiro with the beautiful beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema that are a miracle of nature.

Want to feel like James Bond in the film Moonraker? Take the cable car to Sugarloaf Mountain and you will also have a wonderful view over the city.

Nature is one of the great assets of the country and many come to marvel at it but if you are no world trekker and want just to relax on a nice beach by a palm tree that lies in front of your hotel, you will be surprised how many hotels can offer just that. Hotels also offer sports facilities where you can practice swimming, tennis, kayaking or surfing. They also have their own golf courses and you can opt for beach volley or football.

Natural wonders, fine beaches, great resorts, endless sport activities and vibrant nightlife can all be found in this wonderful country, Brazil!

When you are in a foreign country knowing where the nearest consulate is may prove to be very useful. So here is a list of the US consulates which can be found in the major cities of this country:

  • Rio De Janeiro (address: Avenida Presidente Wilson, 147. Rio de Janeiro. RJ 20030-020 , phone: 55-21-2292-7117)
  • Sao Paulo (address: Rua Henri Dunant, 700, Chacara Santo Antonio, Sao Paulo/SP, 04709-110 , phone: (55-11) 5186-7000)
  • Recife (address: Rua Goncalves Maia, 163, Boa Vista, Recife,PE , phone: 011-55-81-3421-2441)
  • Brasilia (Information Services, link:
  • Fortaleza (Consular Agency, link:

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