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Costa Rica Travel Guide
Costa Rica Travel Guide
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Costa Rica Travel Guide

Costa Rica

Are you looking for a place where to spend your vacation? The answer of this question is quite simple: go to Costa Rica and be part if this paradise!

Costa Rica- Geography

Located in the Central American isthmus, between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is a privileged destination because of its mild climate and wonderful landscapes. It may be certainly said that this small country is the perfect getaway for spectacular holidays.

Costa Rica is situated 10° north of the equator which makes it be a tropical country with only two seasons: dry and green. The dry season is extremely little in raindrops and lasts from late December to April. The wet season lasts the rest of the year. The Carribean coast stays green all year round and it is due to the humidity, but sometimes tends to get a bit oppressive.

The central mountainous region has a more temperate climate. The highest peak is Cerro Chirripo (3,820 m). As they are volcanic mountains, Irazu Volcano is supposed to be the highest volcano (3,431 m) and the most famous in the country.

Costa Rica comprises several islands such as Cocos Island and Calero Island, the largest of the country.

Historically, Costa Rica was the land first reached by Christopher Columbus in 1502.

Costa Rica – Flora and Fauna

Costa Rica supports a huge variety of wildlife, being home to a rich diversity of plants and animals. Corcovado National Park, Tortuguero Natinal Park, Turrialba Volcano National Park and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve are known for their biodiversiy and where visitors can see an abundance of wildlife.

Costa Rica- Tips for Tourists

Touristically, Costa Rica is the most visited country in the Central America. It offers a great deal of facilities and good accomodation. If you want to visit Costa Rica, you must know that a six-month validity passport is requiered as well as the return ticket. ID, visa and a minimum cash availability of $ 200 is also necessary. People having passports from USA, Canada and most of European countries do not need a visa to enter the country.

Costa Rica’s currency is the colón but many prices for tourists are posted in US dollars.

Costa Rica- Transport

There is an excellent tourist infrastructure in Costa Rica, especially in the areas of ecoturism and adventure trips. Travelling around the country is possible with facilities by Rent a Car, public or private transportation and local flights. San Jose International Airport and Liberia International Airport link the country with major cities all around the world.

Costa Rica- Resorts

Costa Rica is the absolute paradise in matters of varied beaches for every possible taste. Rocky beaches, stony beaches, white sandy beaches, all waiting for those coming to surf, swim, scuba dive, snorkel or simply relax in the tropical sun.

Costa Rican resorts are mainly located in the eastern side of the country because of its strong Caribbean influence. Most of the finest beach resorts lie on the south of Limon because the coast streches down towards Puerto Viejo. Marvelous Costa Rica resorts such as the Hotel Kashna, with private sandy beaches, guided tours in the surroundings and other amenities can be found here.

Hilton Papagayo Resort is rather ideal for families, couples, business travelers as well as discerning visitors and boasts a huge list of great amenities. It is just a 20 minute drive from Liberia International Airport and includes one of the top Costa Rica beaches. Hilton Papagayo Resort might be the best choice for those looking for a stunning place to throw that Costa Rican wedding or just pampering themselves for a bit, and they will surely find it to be the most accomodating.

For those more adventurous and keen on exploring the wilderness or studying the diverse wildlife, Costa Rican resorts, deeply hidden away in the rain forest, are the greatest splendor of the country. Private cabins on cliffs overlooking the breathtaking natural scenery offer good accomodation and, in spite of the fact that the area is so isolated, all the resorts in lowland rainforests are self-sufficient in every possible way.

Costa Rica- Cuisine

Costa Rican traditional food is tasty, fairly mild, having high reliance on fresh vegetables and fruit.

Casado is the traditional national dish served at lunch. It consists of rice and beans served side by side, not mixed, with some sort of meat, such as carne asada, pork chop, chicken or fish, and some salad around.

In taverns, they serve various small dishes which consist of patacones with black bean dip, chifrijo, some kind of rice and beans with chicharrones, ceviche, fish and shrimp with onions and pickled in lime juice, vigoron, cabbage, yucca, served with a slice of lime, and chimichurri accompanied with tortilla chips.

In conclusion, Costa Rica is nothing but exuberant nature, contrasting lanscapes, sunny beaches and sceneries of fabulous beauty where hiking in the rainforest, horseback riding on deeply hidden trails, white water rafting in untamed rivers, surfing, snorkeling through tropical reefs and sport fishing are all ready to welcome any of those planning to have their greatest life experience in the tropics, a holiday to remember!


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