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Argentina Travel Guide
Argentina Travel Guide
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Argentina Travel Guide

Argentina travel guide

Officially known as the Argentine Republic, Argentina is a federation type South American country. The official language spoken in this country is Spanish, being the largest Spanish speaking country. Some of the neighbors are Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, and Bolivia.

Argentina travel guide-Geography

Argentina’s Cerro Aconcagua, with its hight of 6962 meters is the highest mountain, not only in America, but also in the Southern and Western Hemisphere. It also has the lowest point in South America Laguna del Carbon, -105 meters. Argentina is divided into several geographic regions: Pampas, Gran Chaco, Mesopotamia, Patagonia, Cuyo and NOA.

Argentina travel guide-Provinces

This country is divided into twenty-three provinces plus one autonomous city, this being the capital, Buenos Aires. These provinces are dived into departments which are 376 in total. Buenos Aires district has 134 partidos. The departments and partidos are divided into municipalities of districts.

Argentina travel guide-Climate

Argentina has a variety of climates going from subtropical in the north to sub polar in the south. Both hottest and coldest temperature records come from Argentina in South America, 49.1 and -39 degrees Celsius. The UTC-3 is the official time zone in Argentina although it does make some daylight saving time occasionally.

Argentina travel guide-Travel

Here are some places you can choose as a vacation destination:

Valles Calchaquies – although it has amazing landscape, it is not the strong point of this region. The real wonder is architecture. Going from the vernacular one, even simple houses might have neoclassical columns or Moorish arches. Visit the town of Cachi for this.

Parque Nacional Iguazu – the name speaks for its self, a nature’s wonder. It is good for nature exploring, especially on foot. At the entrance you have all the facilities of a mall, ATM, souvenir shop, etc. But inside you can go wild. The complex ends with a train station which takes you to Cataratas, from where you can begin your walk to see the gorgeous waterfall.

Reserva Provincial Esteros del Iberá – it’s literally a wild place. Even though it is a touristic wetland reserve, it is mostly unspoiled. It has lots of lakes which are fed by rain water alone, filled with wild vegetation.

Parque Provincial Ischigualasto – a dead place, because all you can see here are rock formations and fossils, for passionates it is a heaven on earth…

Cordoba – is said to be the city where the old and the new go hand in hand. You can find crowded bars next to 17th century ruins, and municipal galleries all over town hand in hand with contemporary film festivals.

Some more places you can visit are: Mendoza, Carolina, San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires, Beagle Channel and The Lake District.

So, if you want a country that surprises you from the minute you arrive there, that makes you fill full of life and want to see amazing things without having to stop or sleep, then Argentina is the place for you.


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