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Dominican Republic Travel Guide
Dominican Republic Travel Guide
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Dominican Republic Travel Guide

Dominican Republic- Overview

This is the place where Christopher Columbus reached land on the 5th of December 1492. The ruins of the oldest cathedral in the Americas are still standing under the protection of UNESCO World Heritage. Speaking of religion, the inhabitants are largely Roman Catholic, along minorities of with Protestants, Buddhists, Muslims or Dominican Vudu believers. The religious spirit could not prevent the country from becoming a transition place for drugs on their way to Europe or North America, nor was it a shield against prostitution, including children traded for sex. The economy does not consist only of the underground part, it also comprises agriculture, mining, (eco) tourism and real estate sector with holiday purposes. New construction projects like Cap Cana, San Souci offered a chance for employment for many people. The economic situation of the country is stable now and so is the currency, the Dominican peso.

Dominican Republic –Entertainment

There are a few things automatically associated with South America, but some are specific to this country or enriched with original elements. Latin rhythms like tumba, bachata or meringue have their roots the Dominican Republic. The carnival is probably the best event to enjoy this music. All the culture has been influenced by the Africans, as many descendents of slaves live here. Rhum and tobacco are among the main products of this country. About half of tobacco total manufacturing is done in a place named Villa Gonzales. If we speak about sports, as in US, baseball and basketball are the favorites.

Dominican Republic -Resorts or cities?

The climate means sunny weather all year round. Thus, even the capital of Santo Domingo can offer splendid nights, on the famous street of Malecon or on any street animated by Merengue. There are even Las Vegas style casinos. The hotels offer many facilities: sports (scuba diving, golf or whatever you wish), clubs for children, spa-s, beach services. The second largest city is Santiago de los Caballeros, but you may choose other great destinations, not so crowded, such as: La Romana, Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, Cabarete.

Dominican Republic –Food

International cuisine is available, but it would be a pity not to taste the local flavors, some being also very healthy. For instance, quipes or tipili is a specialty consisting of whole wheat; sofrito is a mixture of herbs and spices associated with many dishes. La Bandera (the flag) is the local lunch consisting of meat, red beans and rice. As a dessert, try the very sweet dulce de leche, popular all over South America, cana (sugar cane), arroz con dulce or con leche. The local vegetables are yucca, batata, platanos maduros.

Dominican Republic -Things to take care of

Whenever traveling to a tropical country, take a mosquito repellant with you. There are cases of malaria and Dengue fever reported. The AIDS rate is also high in the Dominican Republic. Although there are problems for water and sanitation in tourist areas, it is better to avoid drinking from the tap. You may use bottled water even for washing your teeth.


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