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Puerto Rico Travel Guide
Puerto Rico Travel Guide
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Puerto Rico Travel Guide

Puerto Rico, Travel Guide-Facts

Puerto Rico is an autonomous territory of the U.S., and it is located in the Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic. This small state covers only approximately 9.000 sq kilometers, being inhabited by almost 4.000.000 people. Its capital and largest municipality is San Juan (434,000), which, as expected, is the economical, cultural and touristic center of Puerto Rico. The official languages are Spanish and English, and the main ethnic groups are: White (Spanish) 76%, Black(7%), Mixed(12%), and the Asian and Amerindian minorities. The climate is a tropical maritime one, with average annual temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius.

Let`s explore, in the following paragraphs of this travel guide, what Puerto Rico has to offer to every tourist.

Puerto Rico, Travel Guide-Cuisine

The Puerto Rican cuisine has its roots mainly in Spanish, African and Amerindian culinary art. Since the 19th century, there has been an increase in the influence of the U.S. in Puerto Rico’s cuisine. Spices are a must –have ingredient of every Puerto Rican dish, and the Sofrito, a sauté made out of multiple vegetables and herbs, is the base for many national dishes. One of the dishes seasoned with this sauce is the delicious Arroz con Pollo, with chicken and rice as the main ingredients.

Fricasé is another national dish, a poultry, rabbit or goat stew, seasoned with lots of spices and serves with various vegetable-based side dishes. Sancocho de patitas is made of pork feet stew, with various vegetables, and lots of spices. Tortillas are very popular in Puerto Rico, as well as seafood. Also, you don`t want to miss Arroz con Dolce, the Puerto Rican rice pudding and the pasteles, the traditional holiday pies.

Puerto Rico, Travel Guide-Things to Do

The possibilities for entertainment in Puerto Rico are numerous, one of those being horseback riding in Las Piedras. You will enjoy wonderful landscapes while riding a pureblood horse. If you enjoy the sea and nautical sports, you have the opportunity to go kayaking, or you can enjoy the wonderful waves and enjoy yourself. Also, one can explore the rich marine life through scuba diving in Guanica’s proximity, or near the Spanish Virgin Islands. Near the capital, there are over 10 golf courses for the passionate.

To see the Puerto Rican natural beauty, you must visit El Yunque, the national rainforest, in order to see various species of plants and animals, including some endangered ones, such as the Conqui tree frog. Also, in the vicinity of the waters of Fajardo and in the Vieques bay, lives a species of microorganisms which glows. It is recommended that you take a boat ride offshore in the night, best when the moon is not full, because its light makes the luminescent microorganisms hard to spot.

Puerto Rico, Travel Guide-Cities

The main point of interest in Puerto Rico is San Juan, the country’s capital. Here you can visit the Bacardi rum factory, see the old center of the city, dating from the 16th century, relax in huge parks or entertain yourself through various leisure activities. Ponce is the second largest city, where you can enjoy the sea and visit wonderful displays of culture, including the Ponce Museum of Art. Other important cities are Arecibo, where you can find the largest radio telescope on Earth, Luquillo and Carolina.

Have a delightful experience in Puerto Rico using our travel guide!


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