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Africa's map Africa is, we're sure, an exotic destination for most of you, but we found there's very little information regarding traveling to Africa. Therefore, we've set up a short African Travel Guide to help you out and emphasize on the whats and wheres of the region. So here goes:

Untouched tropical woods, world's greatest dessert (Sahara), second biggest lake (Victoria) and longest river (the Nile) are some of Africa's main geographic features. The continent is divided in 5 big regions: Northern Africa, encompassing Muslim countries like Morocco, Egypt or Sudan; Eastern Africa, which includes Kenya, Mozambique or Tanzania; Middle Africa, with Cameroon and Angola, Western Africa - all those small states stretched along the Ivory Coast; and Southern Africa, whose best known countries are South Africa and Botswana.

Africa's climate is mostly warm (with the four variations: Mediterranean, tropical humid, tropical dry and equatorial), except for the high altitude regions and the deserts. The great diversity on animals and plants has given birth to a popular touristic activity: the wild life safari.

Africa exhales authenticity and exoticism through every pore. Its diversified culture, fascinating traditions and irresistible dances are attracting more and more tourists each year. Many westerners adopt the fashion of going to Africa with humanitarian purposes and spend years there, just helping the local communities, doing research or traveling across the continent.

Although it is still ignored by many multinational corporations and foreign investors, post-colonial Africa has taken an ascending path towards economic progress, democracy and political stability. Although much of Africa is still affected by poverty and has a predominantly agrarian economy, here you can find some of the world's most vibrant cities: Nairobi, Cape Town, Johannesburg or Cairo are just a few of them.

It's no wonder that this pristine natural marvel of Nature that is Africa is a touristic diamond, with its beautiful landscapes, inspiring cultures and impressive landscapes. If we managed to whet your appetite, you can check out some of the offers below, as we have numerous offers for complete African vacation packages, airfare deals and hotel rentals.

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