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Benin City Travel Guide, Nigeria

Benin City, Travel Guide – Location

Benin City is one of the largest Nigerian cities and is located in the southern part of the country. Benin City travel guide makes a short description of this warm tourist destination.

Benin City, Travel Guide – Topography and Climate

Located on the banks of Benin River, Benin City has a rather flat topography, with few wetlands and lots of vegetation. The landscape is dominated by the river and the rich vegetation covering important areas within the city.

Climate in Benin City is tropical with lots of humidity during the rainy season and warm weather during the dry season. Temperatures reach a peak of 28ºC in June before the rainy season and a down of 6ºC in January due to the cold northern winds. Due to its location near the coast, Benin City has a mild climate, the ocean acting as a temperature regulating factor and keeping temperatures up to a comfortable level.

Benin River is the major hydrographic element in the city bringing captivating landscapes and creating numerous recreational spots along its banks.

Benin City, Travel Guide – Flora and Fauna

The fertile soils, warm weather and high humidity create the perfect environment for the development of lush vegetation with beautiful exotic trees like the different palm species, mahogany and more. Swamp vegetation is also present on the banks of Benin River and is made up of well adapted tree species like the abura trees and palm trees. Fauna is also very present in the city and its surroundings being represented by numerous species of snakes and other reptiles, birds and both fresh water and oceanic fish species. Among the most numerous animals met here we should mention the crocodile, the African fish eagles, grey headed olive backs, perch and so on.

Benin City, Travel Guide – Population

Benin City is one of the major urban centers in southern Nigeria with about 1.200.000 inhabitants, a large industrial area and a deeply traditional culture city. The official language here is English but is mainly used in administration while common people speak Hausa or other such dialects.

The economy of the city is mainly concentrated over the local rubber industry, agriculture and crafts, occupations which employ a significant number of people. Agriculture is based on cultivating palms for palm oil, fruit trees, several cereals and other such plants while crafts brought the city its international fame especially for the exquisite brass or wood artifacts created by local artisans.

Benin City, Travel Guide – Culture and Arts

The city, as well as the entire country, is proud to have a rich culture which can be admired through traditional dances, music, art and so on. Benin City has always been a place animated by its traditional artists and their works which can be found by anyone in special markets downtown. Other good occasions to meet the local culture are the traditional music or dancing shows which are usually organized on special occasions like national or religious celebrations.

Benin City, Travel Guide – Transport

Transportation in Benin City as well as in the entire Nigeria is quite rudimentary, with few paved roads, no international airports or modern railroads. The local airport, Benin City Airport, only makes connections with nearby cities like Port Harcourt or Lagos, tourists which come from other continents having to make several stops until here.

Within the city tourists can travel by bus, taxi or car among which taxis are the most popular taking tourists to absolutely any location at reasonable prices. If you have the opportunity renting a car is also a good idea, in this way you will get the chance to visit more of the city in better conditions.

Benin City, Travel Guide – Festivals

Festivals are common in Benin City, among the most popular we must mention the Igue Festival taking place in January, Eguthe Festival which praises the ones that are no longer with us, Ugivie Festival which has as main symbol the locally found coral beads and so on. All such manifestations take place every year and are usually strongly connected with the locals’ spiritual life, ancestors and religious symbolism; anyway they are a great occasion for tourists to get a small grasp of Nigerian culture.

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