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Equatorial Guinea Travel Guide
Equatorial Guinea Travel Guide
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Equatorial Guinea Travel Guide

Equatorial Guinea, Travel Guide – General Presentation

Equatorial Guinea is a beautiful country, located in the western part of central Africa, being bordered by: Cameroon, Gabon and the Gulf of Guinea. Although the standard of living is very low, this state is famous for the largest production of oil in Africa, having at the same time a breathtaking landscape that is worth visiting and finding more about. The continental area, called Mbini, is made up of a high relief, or more precisely, Crystal Mountains and short rivers that flow into the ocean. The Atlantic Ocean gives 269 km of coastline to Equatorial Guinea. Even if it is a small country, it has amazing attractions that help to the development of tourism.

The large part of the local inhabitants live form agriculture as the fertile terrain, made up of hills is perfect for the growth of fruits and vegetables. The beaches and rain tropical forests make it a perfect destination for nature lovers.

Equatorial Guinea has a tropical climate, which makes the days hot and humid and the nights cold. The official languages are Spanish, French and Portuguese became the third official language, a decision taken by the President Teodoro Obiang Nguema, so that the majority of visitors coming here from all over the world will not have problems in moving around.

Any Equatorial Guinea Travel Guide will draw your attention to the fact that the economy is based strictly on cash, whereas credit cards and traveler’s cheques are not accepted. You will also have difficulty in finding ATM’s. The local currency is the Communaute Financiere Africaine franc and the most important and largest city Malabo.

Equatorial Guinea, Travel Guide – What to Do / Visit

Equatorial Guinea is amazing due to its stunning scenery and reminiscences of primitive life. It represents an interesting and breathtaking mixture of hot volcanoes, located in the capital Malabo and wild jungle, housing gorillas, elephants, chimps etc. Due to its landscape made of rainforests, the atmosphere is really humid, but this has lead to the development of specific exotic vegetation which attracts the interest of many tourists.

Equatorial Guinea Travel Guide advises you to start your discovery of this amazing country with its famous capital, where several volcanoes make up one of the most beautiful scenery in Africa. Then the journey continues with Monte Alen National, where people from all over the world can find out more about the primitives living here, going through an extraordinary experience of observing them closely, getting thus to appreciate and value more such amazing creatures. The next stop is on the golden beaches, with crystal-clear waters and blue sky of Isla Corisco. Here, tourists relax for a few days, making acquaintance with the locals and preparing for the following days of intensive visiting.

Africa is an amazing land that will most certainly surprise you and Equatorial Guinea makes no exception for sure. Just choose it among your final destination and you won’t regret it.


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