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Liberia Travel Guide

Liberia, Travel Guide – General Presentation

Liberia is located in the west of Africa, having as neighbors: Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a country known for its capricious weather, with rainy days in summertime and powerful winds during the dry season. Nevertheless, Liberia is worth visiting, due to its amazing culture, rich history and warm people. The mangrove forests are breathtaking and the surrounding landscape will make you forget about the climate you have to get used to.

The past of this beautiful country is really unique, as it is the only African culture that has little connection with the European traders. Liberia was formed when the freed slaves arriving from the United States decided to form a state of their own, copying however the organization of the United States government. Unfortunately, starting 1980’s a period of instability began which affected a lot the economical situation of the country, a situation that can be felt even nowadays.

Liberia, Travel Guide - What to Do/ Visit

To discover the real beauty of this amazing country, any Liberia Travel Guide will advise you to start with its capital, Monrovia. Besides being the most important and largest city in Liberia, Monrovia also represents its cultural, economical and administrative center. It is located northwest, near the Atlantic Ocean, which makes it a perfect destination for those who love sunbathing and swimming in the refreshing blue waters.

Beaches, such as Ellen’s Beach and Kendeja Beach are main points of attraction for tourists. The Masonic Temple is also a great place for getting to know this amazing culture. The master’s throne is placed in the National Museum, alongside other proofs of the glorious and agitated past.

After getting rid of the crowded city, the mangrove forest cannot possibly be missed. You should rent a boat and choose a late hour so that you can see the beautiful sunset, from the crystal-clear waters of the Mangrove Forest.

A really exciting place, where you can take a close look at a unique phenomenon, is the Parque Nacional Rincon de la Vieja made up of three volcanoes. You can either hike or ride on a horse that will take you to the final destination. On your way there, you can admire the flora and fauna of this amazing country and learn more about this special habitat.

Don’t leave Liberia without a well documented Liberia Travel Guide that will help you not only keep the beautiful memories, but also make you want to come back one day.


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