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Cameroon Travel Guide
Cameroon Travel Guide
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Cameroon Travel Guide

Cameroon Travel Guide

When visiting the continent of Africa, do not hesitate to go to Cameroon. A country of picturesque landscapes that combines contrasting views between sea and sandy desert, waterfalls and Saharan dunes, emerald grass fields and dry rocky mountains, modern facilities and poor isolated villages, Cameroon simply gives the impression that you are visiting several countries at the same time. The home of ancient tribes as Muslim shepherds and rainforest-dwelling pygmies, Cameroon has the most diversified culture on the continent of Africa. Its wildlife attracts plenty of safari-goers and big-game hunters as well as lots of adventure seekers with trekking interest.

Cameroon Travel Guide – Geography

The Republic of Cameroon lies in Central West Africa, on the Bight of Bonny, in the Gulf of Guinea. The country is divided into a few topographical zones which consist of the southern low coastal plain, rich in equatorial rainforests and swamps, the central plateau, which is dominated by dense rainforest vegetation and savannah, an irregular chain of volcanic mountains and hills, Mount Cameroon (4,095 m) as being the highest, and a sub-arid savannah in the north.

Cameroon Travel Guide – Climate

Cameroon has a tropical climate, extremely humid in the south, with abundant rain falls, and drier and drier towards the north. The average temperatures are between 25 degrees Celsius in the south and 32 in the north. On the central Adamaoua Plateau, temperatures may drop sharply during the nights. The best time to visit Cameroon are between January and April, as the rainy season lasts from May to October when the omnipresence of hard rainfalls is constantly felt.

Cameroon Travel Guide – Cameroon Tour Packages

Numerous tour agencies in Cameroon and abroad offer various tour packages for trips and vacations all over the countryside. These tour packages contain itineraries, detailed daily schedules and all the facilities provided for both individual travelling and groups. Price is varied and includes meals, all lodging and transportation, guides, water and park fees. Each tour package has its own destination and itinerary depending on what the buyer is interested in doing there as well as the price and the period recommended for trips. Wildlife viewings, bird watching, hunting outfitters, volcano tours or cultural journeys are some of the tasks that each tour package offers.

Fresh seafood on the beach, discovering the nomad Pygmy people and their huts, going on Safari in the Waza National Park, exploring the hidden paths in the rainforest, trekking the Cameroon Mountains, learning how the primitive Koma tribes live, hunting antelopes, and many other activities are to be done while visiting the country.

Cameroon Travel Guide – Douala

Douala, the largest city in Cameroon and the capital of Littoral Province, lies on the Wouri River, on its both banks. Bonaberi Bridge links the two sides of the river. It is the main commercial city in Cameroon, as having the largest seaport and the major international airport in the country. Eko Market, the largest market in the entire country, is in Douala. The best restaurants, French patisseries, cafes, bars and bistros are enlivened by crowds of tourists from all over the world, wishful to start the adventure of their lifetime into the heart of wild Cameroon.

Cameroon Travel Guide – Cuisine

The Cameroonian traditional dish is ndolé, a stew made of bitter leaves and nuts with fish or goat meat. The Cameroonian cuisine has been profoundly influenced by French cuisine since its colonizing.

Cameroon Travel Guide - Currency

The currency in Cameroon is CFA franc, and it is available in both notes and coins.

1 CFA franc is 100 centimes. It is permitted to import and export foreign currency in Cameroon. Both Euro and the US dollar can be easily exchanged into CFA franc. Credit cards are also accepted in airports and hotels.

Cameroon Travel Guide – Visas

To enter or to transit Cameroon, visas are required. There are three types of visas: tourist, business and transit visa. Tourist and business visas are valid for 30 day stays, up to 3 or 6 months. Both visas must be used within 90 days of their issued date. Transit visas are usually valid for a stay of up to 5 days.

Cameroon is the perfect place for safari-goers as it provides a wide variety of wildlife in its rainforests and savannahs. Many hotels, guesthouses and restaurants offer the best accommodation facilities to the tourists coming from all over the world, with the purpose of experiencing a unique challenge.


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