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Comoros Travel Guide
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Comoros Travel Guide

Scattered in the Indian Ocean along the coast of East Africa, Comoros is a hidden paradise where not even the arrival of European colonists could change much. Life in Comoros has gone pretty much at the same pace for the past several centuries. Cradled between Mozambique and Madagascar, Comoros comprises four islands that are the very image of the cliché tropical island: sandy beaches dotted with palm trees and balmy air filled with the scent of spices. Comoros is rich in Swahili culture, and the locals are happy to display their arts, crafts and even stories. Despite some political unrest during the past decade, Comoros is a peaceful – but poor – country that has only recently begun to fructify its tourist potential. This Comoros Travel Guide offers a brief description of this bewitching country.

Comoros Travel Guide – Geography and Places of Interest

Comoros is made up of four islands. Grande Comore is not only the home of the country’s capital, Moroni, but also to one of the largest active volcano on the planet, Karthala. Moheli and Anjouan are part of the Union of the Comoros, however, the fourth islands, Mayotte, is an overseas department of France, despite being part of the archipelago.

Comoros is one of the smallest countries in the world, but its landscape is very varied: mellow hills alternate with steep and rocky mountains.

Weather in the Comoros tends to be mild, and there are only two distinct seasons, a rainy one and a dry one. Moroni, the capital, is resplendent with decadent Arab charm. The city feels like a time capsule from the time of the sultans, although much of its former glory has tarnished away.

Nioumachoua, in Moheli, is a great place for whale-watching, scuba-diving among the coral reefs, boating and buying some rather magnificent pieces of handicraft. The most beautiful of Comoros’ islands is Anjouan, whose peaceful rural landscape is untainted by commercialism.

Comoros Travel Guide – Culture and Cuisine

The culture of Comoros is an interesting mix of Swahili and Arabic elements. Most of the inhabitants of the Comoros are Islamic and religion plays an important role in the day to day life of the people. Elaborate mosques can be found even in the smallest villages. Comorian music is a great source of pride for the people, and it is famous all over the African continent. The cuisine of Comoros is quite unique, in that it combines styles and flavors from many distant parts of the world such as Indonesia or the Persian Gulf. The Arab influence is the most poignant feature of Comorian cuisine. This Comoros Travel Guide recommends that you try the Langouste a la vanille, melt-in-your mouth seafood covered in rich vanilla sauce.


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